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Cali Road Trip by “We Are One Skatepark”

“We Are One Team riders (Zach Nelson, Jon Easy, Tad Tregeagle, and Tony Rivituso) headed out to California during July 23rd – August 5th. Our sole purpose of the trip was to skate as much as possible and have a good time no matter what! All in all I’d say that was achieved!

We drove from Salt Lake City, UT tuesday afternoon heading down to Vegas to swoop up our homeboy Tony.Then, we headed out the next day straight to Woodward West Skate Camp in Tehachapi, California. We shredded their for 2 days then headed down to Los Angeles for the weekend. We skated the famous UNI High school where they held the original IMYTA: LA. Also, we stopped by Hollywood Elementary for a bit.

On Monday, we went down to Venice beach to chill and hangout beachside, Later that night we made it down to Monday Night Long Beach Skate. We took over the park with over 25 rollerbladers, straight mobbin, The next day we headed down to San Diego and sessioned a sweet flat ledge at some abandon school. San Diego hands down has the best street spots! Later that week we skated the most perfect down rail. On Wednesday we swung by Sunshine Distribution to say whats up and check out some sweet product. Expect BIG things from Sunshine! That same day we went to skate the two block ledges and Jon Easy tried his new Remz Hr 1.2s for the 1st time, You could say he likes them with that tru kg! The rest of our time we skated many more famous spots and chilled at some sweet beaches,

Sunday, August 5th we were on the road back to Salt Lake at 8 a.m. It was sad leaving San Diego and its forever 75 degree weather, but we had to truck back home to take care of real life. It was a much needed vacation for all of us and we are forever grateful to all our homies who took us in and showed us around! We met plenty of new friends and got to catch up with all the old ones. The trip was amazing and we can’t wait to go back.

Edited by Zach Nelson
Filmed by Max Manning, Tony Rivituso, Zach Nelson, Jon Easy, and Tad Tregeagle

All the amzing music was brought to you by these great artists:

Intro – Dan Auerbach; Street Walking

Woodward – Bass Drum of Death; GB City

L.A. – The Black Keys; 10 AM Automatic

San Diego – We Are Wolves; Non-Stop

Outro – Interpol; The Heinrich Manuever”

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