Chad Hornish “Farewell Pink” by Ryan Buchanan

“The final chapter of the ‘Pink’ series

All filmed and edited exclusively by the elusive Ryan Buchanan aka @spookybl8r

With 4 releases over the past 4 years

Pink : 2018
Dream in Pink : 2020
Not Pink : 2021
Farewell Pink : 2022

I just want to take a moment to share my appreciation for Ryan Buchanan and all he’s done for me. People don’t realize- but 99% of the times we skate and film, its just the 2 of us. No one to juice each other up but the other. Ryan has a full time life. He works a full time job and is a great Dad.

Through sweat blood and tears, I just wanted to say Thank You for taking the time out of your life to sit there with me, pumping me up, and just for being a great friend.”

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