Alan Hughes / July 27th, 2014 / The Wire
Hawke Trackler – “Crusin 4A Bruisin”

“I figured age before beauty on this one guys haha so I am going to go first in the order of sections I will be releasing. I am Hawke Trackler, 27 years old from Columbus Ohio. I have been filming and street skating for over a decade now. I have been fortune enough to be able to experience alot of great things from blading and its lead me to some really fun and interesting times with all sorts of different people. I always admired the crazier individuals that rollerbladed when growing up. Mostly because I have always liked a stunt or big trick to get done and as time went by I actually was able to meet most of these awesome people along the way who I once and still look up to at certain times. I travelled the US as much as I was able too wether it be for road trips, tours, filming contests, or just trying to get out of the house to experience something new and over time have been able to become homies with some of the top ams & pros from around the world. I have usually focused on the filming aspect of skating so I have personally never been too amazing but have always tried pushing myself to see what I can do. Its actually a really fun sport even tho there are some gnarly consequences when you dont land haha but overall has a pretty chill openminded community and always welcoming new bladers and even old bladers because its all about what makes ya happy. I of course appreciate feedback so feel free to “like” the video or leave a comment. Thanks to all my buddies who filmed me for this video”

Discussion / Hawke Trackler – “Crusin 4A Bruisin”

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  • Mike - July 28th, 2014

    Enjoyed your video, nice to see someone skating real street spots in a creative way.

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