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London Blade Photo Show Taking Submissions

[UPDATED 9/24]:The date is set! October 26th, from 6pm until 3am. The Alibi, 91a Kingsland High Street, Dalston, London E8 2pb.

Nick Riley-Bentham is seeking submissions for a blade-only photography show he’s hosting in London. Here’s the scoop in his words:

“I am looking for photographic submissions from at least 10 photographers, artists, film makers or just people that are involved in rollerblading. The aim is not to showcase rollerblading, but to bring together rollerbladers and their art work in a single place, creating an open platform for everyone’s work to be viewed by the public.

I am open to all submissions now and will curate the imagery around a common theme — think photo journalism or documentary. Choose images that tell a story. I’m not interested in exposure, what camera you have, or any of that other crap about f stops you learn in class. What matters here is finding images that tell a story, capture a moment and give the viewer an emotional connection to the photograph. Check this link for an idea of the type of work…”

Here’s the details:
• You must be a rollerblader
• One image will be displayed at the show per person. Send no more than five if you can’t decide
• You must submit your image as JPG/jpeg/tif at 300dpi and be able to print up to A3 (no raws – use dropbox for tiffs)
• Submissions by the 20th september
• You must make sure you check your images, anything black and white, be aware that I am having these images C-type printed on archive paper, blacks can look a little light, make sure your blacks are black.
• NO ACTION SPORTS photos, this isn’t a rollerblading exhibition, if you need
inspiration find it here at this tumblr I set up
• You must be over 18 if you want to attend the event as it will be at a bar (who am I kidding, there will be no bouncers and I’ll be too stressed out to care)
• Please give your name (as you wish it to be displayed) and title of the image with your submission along with links to any portfolios and contact details.
• Your work will be printed in a limited edition zine that will be for sale on the night. You will get a copy for free for being involved. If you can’t make it, add an address and I’ll mail one to you.
• If you want to sell your print (framed/unframed) let me know how much and I will label it with a price.
• Sponsors, if you want to attach your brand, clothing company, wheel company, crew, blog, fashion house, etc., please do so, it’s totally free. Just email me a logo and promise to promote our event via a tweet, a blog post or social networky things. I’m paying for everything — printing, framing, zine printing, and will make my money back off of the bar (I’ll get 10% of the total of the night’s takings).
• Bring all your friends. Group art shows are a great chance to network, catch up with friends in real life and collaborate on projects.

Hit up Nick with an email.

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