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ONE Awards Voting (2021) **LIVE NOW**

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Discussion / ONE Awards Voting (2021) **LIVE NOW**

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  • Timofey Lyulyakov - December 28th, 2021

    Best of throw – Timofey Lyulyakov

  • Timo Luvre - December 28th, 2021

    Such an amazing year! It has always been a bit controversial if the options for voting were able to give a whole picture of the time and our community. But this year there has simply been too much to cover for sure! Thanks guys!!

  • Mike - December 28th, 2021

    Okay, first of all, being forced to vote for every category to vote at all is ridiculous. If I don’t want to vote for one category, I shouldn’t be forced to vote on it, but secondly, and to the larger point, who wrote these categories? And how out of touch are you?

  • Andy Elliott - December 28th, 2021

    There should be an award for best new shop. Alchemyst skate shop in Hebden Bridge has already done so much for the industry especially in Yorkshire, England

  • Hagen - December 28th, 2021

    Well, the options are a bit limited.
    The real edit of the year was just dropped yesterday by Eugen Enin.
    Have you seen that?! It should at least be nominated!

  • Jeff G - December 28th, 2021

    First of all, thank you for making this happen every year. It was a huge year for blading so I’m sure this wasn’t easy to do but these voting options leave a lot to be desired. Some honorable mentions that should have been here:

    -Eugen for blader of the year and edit of the year
    -Geoff Phillip edit of the year
    -FR Skates should hands-down get product of the year, or at least be an option…Shadow Eugen’s, Intuition’s new liners, etc..
    -“In person” contests, no mention of BPSO, Seattle Street Battle, BASS, Mile High Battle…just to name a few.

  • Matthew Stewart - December 28th, 2021

    Your nominees are an absolute joke in 90% of the categories, how much crack were you smoking when you came up with this farce of a pole?!

    I’m guessing Andy ‘the bellend’ Wagner had to suck some serious cock to be included in ‘brand of the year’ ?!?

    Thanks for being a really shit representation on the blade scene!

    All the best!


  • Nils W - December 28th, 2021

    It would be better to have more choices per category in order to include more variety. For some categories I am not happy with the choices I have. And you should not make it mandatory to vote for everything. I am e.g. not interested in skate photography. Why should I need to vote for people I don’t know? It’s like flipping a coin and unfair for the contenders.

  • Michael Anders - December 28th, 2021

    I voted, but holy shit what a joke of a poll.

  • @liljoey334 - December 28th, 2021

    This was tough, I really think the bpso should have been in the running for best event…. But ‍♂️

  • Andy - December 28th, 2021

    Thanks for your work, guys. Yet I can’t see you being involved in blading 2021 yourselves too much. Some commentators have put it pretty politely and I don’t mean to be an idiot about it either. But hey, putting Razors onto brand of the year might have been a great joke to you yourselves. But we have so many great option we can be proud about people maybe recognizing for the first time on such a poll. Why leave those opportunities undone when we could fokus on the best stuff as well?
    This also affects almost any other category. Like this I am honestly not sure about this being a pretty early april’s fool. And again: Sorry for this harsh criticism. Setting up this is totally honourable. But I do understand the irritation concerning the contents.

  • Slim - December 29th, 2021

    I don’t like the fact that I have to vote for all categories in order to vote for the one I truly had a honest opinion about. You guys should have had team edit of the year as well because it definitely were some that I think should have gotten some type of recognition.

  • Rene - December 29th, 2021

    These are definitely fun, but feels like its lacking more options in each category

  • Damen - December 29th, 2021

    This poll is lackluster and one of the best edits dropped the other day. Concrete circus should be in the nominations but also razors? I don’t recall hearing a pay raise for their riders or a slew of pro models releases? Cant tell if this poll is serious.

  • Item clothing - December 29th, 2021

    Demetrious for number 1 skater

  • Jeremy Szott - December 29th, 2021

    Demetrious is the Best!!!

  • Peel - December 29th, 2021

    DEMITRIOUS. Also there should have been 1 option for best brand marketing (i know you have to be judicial) THEM and JJ had a pretty hardcore few years. Love y’all hope you’re well.

  • Del Fuego - December 30th, 2021

    Missing Nicoly Machado in breakout skater. She’s on f*n fire.

  • Alan Hughes - December 30th, 2021

    Every year there are open nominations for several weeks before your votes are narrowed down to these top three selections in each category. ONE Magazine did not select them.

  • Siavash Sohrabi - December 30th, 2021

    i just wanted to say ,thanlks to all great humans for makin motivaton in our comunnity,i cant be there with you guys but you are affecting on me for years and im really enjoying of this ,much love from esfahan,iran.

  • Bobby - December 30th, 2021

    Is it just me or is this heavily biased towards the rocker / trendy brands?

  • Sergio Jose Arrechea - December 30th, 2021

    Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo . Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    Shout-out to The REAL CHARLIE HUSTLE
    OG K9

  • Lucas Pauken - December 30th, 2021

    Errybody know oak city is the best skate shop. Demetrius definitely blew out the competition this year for skater of the year, and I don’t think anybody progressed as much as Yandriel did in the last 12 months. While I think Chyna is probably slightly more talented than Mary, Mary Munoz has really put down mad footage this year, smiling the whole time. Not to mention she released one of the best looking pro model skates of the year. Julio has definitely always been a driving force and deserves the sometimes referenced ‘president of blading’ moniker, but I think the work Monterey does with the youngins is the most positive influence. Julio is a positive influence for the business or skating, whereas Tre is a positive influence for the soul of it.
    Those my predictions! Not that anyone asked! Or even gives a shit!

  • Shane - December 30th, 2021

    When people forget these are top picks from open nominations‍♂️ But yeah, I guess One is sucking off Razors or something. Smdh. This is why we can’t have anything nice.

  • Lucas again - December 30th, 2021

    I think Eugin would have taken blader of the year if he hadn’t gotten injured, and it’s a crime against rollerblading that his concrete circus edit isn’t included in this poll because in my opinion it’s the best edit of the year. Maybe of the last 5. Dude isn’t human

  • Demetrios George - December 30th, 2021

    Regardless of everyone’s opinion on the comments I think any effort put into the community is positive. It’s interesting how bladers can’t help but tear each other down and/or the companies. It’s very emotional and that’s a good thing but to a degree we need to learn how to speak to one another better. Seems like most people online are like the angry dude driving his car honking the horn but when you step out of that vehicle the flex goes away and more understanding comes into play. I’m very honored to be nominated and understand that some people should’ve also been on many categories. Eugene Enin def killed it. Either way let’s strive for better and give more constructive feedback moving into 2022 eh?!

    Much love everyone

  • Gabe - December 30th, 2021

    I would of liked to see “Other:_______” as a choice because I’m sure all of us agree that these three choices doesn’t accurately reflect the top contenders. The only question that I think had accurate choices was the “Blader of The Year” (Question #1). It was really tough to pick between Jo Zenk and Demetrios George as they both killed it this year (respectfully John John)!! But most of the questions had poor choices. BPSO should of been a choice for “Best Comp That Actually Happened” at the very least! Roces should of been a choice for “Brand of The Year”! I would of liked to see Michael Prado’s “Blade and Sushi” as “Best Edit of The Year” as a choice at the very least; I certainly would have voted for that, as he friggen killed it! But yeah, the choices offered doesn’t accurately reflect the top contenders. Please include “Other:_______” as a choice next time. I would of liked to actually skip some votes because it’s not fair to pick something you don’t truly believe in. And maybe consider rank based choices – it’s more fair to the other candidates and it would of been great particularly for the “Blader of The Year” question. Please consider it.

  • JacobT - December 31st, 2021

    How was Mushroom Blading not listed for positive influence or edit of the year with MB8?!? They have changed the face of rollerblading.

  • Tomas urrutia - December 31st, 2021

    Demetrios is the good blade

  • Brian Fear John - January 1st, 2022

    Haha all the people complaining! It was open nominations for a while before the votes were narrowed down to these top three. ONE Magazine didn’t pick them.

  • Rob - January 2nd, 2022

    No Eugen Enin nominated? What a joke..

  • Rob - January 2nd, 2022

    Bobby Spasov (Domestic punk) listed on March 2001 = 129 people cared to leave comment for this video
    Nils Jansons (Storm) listed on Jul 19 2021 = 248 people cared to leave comment for this video
    Dominic Bruce (5th floor) ? Could not find this section on youtube. Is it listed as full video? One was there with zero people to leave a comment

    Eugen Enin (Circus) listed only 5 days ago on 27th of december AND 420 comments on this masterpiece in just 5 days!!!! People actually like this video I think, haha. Eugen probably doesn’t care much about this award, because he knows what he did and he knows people just loved it so much to actually greet him about that! But not nominating him seems a bit disrespectful..

    One love ❤️

  • Rob doesn’t know what he is talking about - January 2nd, 2022

    Rob ya big dafty, disrespectful is not looking into the format of the poll before making a comment. It was an open poll people didn’t add EE. Nothing to do with ONE.

    The comment above yours was the hint.

  • Steve - January 2nd, 2022

    In literary studies there is a debate about who would be the author in this case. Yes, an open poll suggests ONE not being involved in the constitution of the poll. Another idea which is fairly well accepted might say that the ONE would be the authors in the sense that they present a structure users can act upon.
    Critique in my eyes doesn’t always have to address certain things perfectly. It also doesn’t need to be judged. If you are open to it you can maybe benefit of it.
    Still I do understand that people don’t want ONE to get demotivated. Everyone knows – despite any kind of critique – that their work is great no matter what. Simply because they do stuff. Which is super important for our scene no matter what.
    By the way thank you guys for leaving those comments online. It gives us users the chance of reflecting our role in rollerblading culture as well.

  • Rob - January 2nd, 2022

    ^ this is really good point, Steve!

    It think it’s good when there’s critique, because that means something can be done better or different. No need to cry about that. Take an note and move on. As ^ Steve said, hands down for ONE blademag and annual voting, no doubt

    People can actually have different opinions and noone’s perfect

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