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ONE Digital v.1 (4/22/2013)

On Monday we reveal new horizons for ONE.

Here’s what we said about Digital in the Issue #20 LETTER:

Those plans entail an all-new outlet for ONE content that’s coming very soon to a digital device near you: ONE digital editions. These digital-only magazines will be available at no charge to the reader, and will be compatible with all devices. They will feature all-new, exclusive content from an even wider cast of characters, locations and events. The truth is we just get too much great material submitted to fit into the magazine (when limited to such a sporadic print schedule) that’s also just too good to throw out into the world wide web without a little extra umph behind it. So if we’ve learned anything in 2012 it’s that we want to put a whole lot more high quality blade content out into the world, and we’re going to give a whole bunch of it away for free. Whadaya think of that?

In closing, NO, print is not dead. It’s just got a new friend to spend time with online.

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