PHOTO JOURNAL: Cody LaPlant #1

Mitch * Liu Kang

Downtown Madison is under a lot of construction this summer, making for cool temporary skate spots. This day a skateboarder showed us a bunch of new spots, including this abandoned satellite dish. We all started to skate it while a friend was shooting some super 8 for his video “Yah Dood.” After realizing Mitch was getting the highest on the dish, I decided this would be a nice place for a picture. I set up all my gear and started to shoot away. I changed angles several times until I found the perfect one. I got low with my 18-70mm, then waited until Mitch was framed in the sky. I used two strobes for this picture. One Vivitar 285HV to the far right and a Sunpak 433D just to the right of me. Our 10 minute session here ended with a man parking his van right in front of the spot. Abandoned satellite dishes and Liu Kangs make for a sweet photo! — Cody LaPlant

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sigh - Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

its a satellite dish, not a satellite. where’s the Ed.?