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WEB ROLL 43: WTF is the 4th Generation?

Rocket 360 / Photo By Sam Butt

So check it out. In the past months, weeks, days, whatever, I’ve been looking at a lot of edits that come out on the web from what I would call the fourth generation of street skaters. And when it comes to generations I look at it like this: Rollerblading has been around for how ever long ,but the “progressive street skating” aspect had to arise from somewhere. That particular “somewhere” in my mind started with the likes of Eisenberg, Edwards, Brooke, B Smith, etc. Then the second generation of dudes progressing shit was Julio, Shima, Latimer, Petty, etc. Then came my generation, which includes Broskow, Farmer, Fish, Haffey etc. And I don’t think a lot of people would argue that, so let’s just move this monkey show along and talk about the fourth generation.

Mute 720 / Photo by John Haynes

And what’s so special about this fourth generation? And maybe more importantly, who the fuck is that generation, because it hasn’t solidified its strength in numbers yet. But one thing is certain as far as the new talent that’s emerging, and it’s obvious that Montre, Bolino, and Chase are merking the streets hard right now with a style and mindset that are truly their own. These guys have developed a form of self actualization into their skating, and it’s very noticeable when you watch any video part these guys piece together. I think that’s the greatest achievement any skater could ever master. It’s really fucking difficult to do that, and it takes long years of pounding the streets relentlessly into the deep, early hours after midnight to even get close. But anyways, these guys fucking did it and they really deserve all the credit and respect they are getting. And just to note, I think it’s sick they’re all repping Nimhs. Ha, ha, ha. It almost looks like Shima and Elliott got first draft picks. And as they should. They’re them. Part of the evolution. Goddamn right boys! Keep it in the blood.

I’d also like to mention two other guys who I think are making some serious noise with their skating this day and age, and that’s Quintin Lamb and Andrew Jaccuzi. I have been digging the online stuff they put out, and I think their sponsors should definitely help them out to get around as much as they can. These guys look like they’re going to be around killing it for a while, with more to come. But yeah, props to those guys! I’d definitely like to get a chance to film with them in the near future if our paths cross.

And what about that kid Andrew Nemo? I can’t forget to mention him too, with his high level of respect for photography and film. It’s been a pleasure seeing the care he and his gang put into how they not only skate, but also how they capture it. As a videographer I respect that, and he deserves a lot of credit for making skaters look like they really care about how shit looks. Nemo also has the most badass 3 out of all his tricks. Definitely check out his most recent DVD “Killin’ It”!

So, for the most part, that’s what I see happening right now as far as this generation goes. The rest of the crap that comes out, I just sit back, watch, get drunk, and laugh at it with my friends on some super malicious, mean-spirited shit. I’m sorry. Some of the shit that comes out is just too funny, like “is he really trying that hard?!?!” And believe me, I know the difference between some kid just putting his shit out and some kid trying to get sponsored. It’s these kids who swear they should be sponsored that make me laugh. And I’m not going to name names because if you don’t know who you are then you aren’t ever going to get it, so fuck it. And who am I to judge? Well, let’s put it like this: Dave Paine was the eye and lens behind real progressive street skating for decades with the constant releases of his VG series. I beat him at VG trivia. And I’m not saying that to pride myself, because Dave Paine is the reason I picked up a camera in the first place, but only to let you know how in-depth I study all street skating. So if you don’t like it, go invent a time machine, study skating as much as me, beat Dave Paine in VG trivia, than go fuck yourself. So good luck to the pussies that disagree, and word up to those who embrace. Fux with me.

Colin Kelso

Discussion / WEB ROLL 43: WTF is the 4th Generation?

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  • chris regan - May 27th, 2010

    Truth be said. Colin kills it in front of the lens and behind the lens. Waiting for maybe truth3.

  • Blake Taylor - May 28th, 2010

    At least put up some recent footy of Jacuzzi. Give him some justice

  • Jeff Hughes - May 28th, 2010

    I just wish there were more progression of tricks lately, edits online almost mirror what we saw in 2000.

  • dk - May 28th, 2010

    Good timing for this

    Also here is some better stuff of Jacuzzi

  • Dragonslayer - May 29th, 2010

    Well said Colin!!! Agree with him about most online edits…. The problem with Online edits to me is that they have no quality control… anyone with a camera and editing shit can make an edit… Thats what I miss about 2000-2001 (when generation 3 were beginning to appear and generation 2 were at their peak) was that videos (and by the end of ’01, dvds) felt like they meant something, people would only get ‘sections’ made for them when they had put in enough work to deserve it, thats why Rob Guerreros section in VG 17 meant so much, for instance…. because he had been putting in work for years beforehand (since VG6 I believe?) and when the section came out it really felt like it meant something, like Rob had earnt it after representing for so long. The problem with now is that kids are getting full sections showing exclusivly their own skating before progressing to a level where their skill and personality can truly carry it…. Thats also a problem with todays dvd releases, that there are (in my opinion) not enough pure montage sections being made. every film that comes out now feels like a ‘team video’ with 5 or 6 profiles, 2 montages and an intro. The problem is that I think it takes more than skill to carry a profile section on your own. Back in the day it was rare to see new vid releases that were back to back profiles, when Coup de Tat came out every skater on there looked like they had truly earnt their individual sections. Now though, like I said before, anyone who can lock a 360 soul is getting a full 5 minute profile and it sucks to see section after section of underdeveloped style edited over inconsequential music. Aside from a few recent movies such as Drip Drop (5 bonafide legends) or Truth 2 (superb attention to detail and a real feeling of love, craft and care) most films today try and tap into that epic Coup de Tat feeling and fall sadly short. Anyway, thats my problem with skate media today… its too easy to mythologise ones skating without earning the right to do so. Bring back Dave Paine!!!!! (or ‘The Truth’ videomagazine!!!! C’mon Colin you know it makes sense, maybe 10 years from now we’ll have kids reminiscing on their TTV trivia!!)

  • Ben Rogers - May 29th, 2010

    In VG trivia you have to sing the lyric of a song in VG and the other person has to name the skater and the trick that happened during that lyric. Great way to pass time on long car trips.

  • yea rite - May 29th, 2010

    the fourth generation sounded like the cast of one mag how bout opening your eyes going behind your 3 fav websites to check daily and see the real 4th generation which would be the talent threw out the world that is better then the guys you mention just isnt fortunate to have a marketable last name and 3,000$ camera filming them.

  • Allo - May 30th, 2010

    VG Trivia sounds funny to play.

    First part of this article was good. I bought Fade NATION 2 for Montre Livingston profile, Quintin Lanb profile was a big surprise.

    But don’t forget like “yea rite said” 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation skater out of USA. Represent much all street skating.

  • foil chewer - May 31st, 2010


  • Sam DeAngelis - May 31st, 2010

    Great read. Lamb and Jaccuzi are amazing… Killin’ it just the beginning of Nemo.

  • Duncan B - June 1st, 2010

    you forgot about Michael Collins.

  • Peter D - June 4th, 2010

    That was a good read, but at the end there you definitely sounded like a dick.. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love it when people act cocky and like dicks..

    But yo homie, You don’t need to prove to people why your opinion counts… it counts because you’ve been in the game forever and if nothing else, your skating speaks for itself and provides all the credibility your writing will ever need.

    If people don’t already know (of)you then they aren’t skaters, so who gives a fuck what they think anyway…

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