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20 Weeks with Wake

Hey Wake, how have you been?
Thanks for asking but I always do well.

Good, good. Now that summer is underway, what are you up to? Another summer at Woodward East?
Yeah, I am going to be at Woodward East for part of my summer and the other part will be touring with show teams and doing demos.

Expect to be filming as much as you did last summer? Didn’t we see you busting out for the ATV mounted cameras?
Now that I have my own camera and have people to help film for me, I will be putting out more edits all the time! And dude, if Brainfarm has that again this year I’ll definitely have to do something crazy. Last year we lined up a bunch of campers and I jumped like over 27 kids using a 1 foot kicker as the launch. It was nuts! They definitely have the coolest ATV I’ve ever seen!

Last time we spoke you had just taken 3rd place at BCSD XIII. It was awesome watching you rip Modern Skatepark that day!
Yes, that was one of the best times of my life!

Did taking 3rd place at a big event like Bitter Cold impact your blading at all?
Earning third place was an incredible accomplishment. I always try to push myself in skating but after BCSD, I knew that I’d have to push it to even higher levels to progress further. One thing I try to continue to work towards is being consistent in my skating, whether I am skating park, mega or street.

So you’re about to drop your 20th Clip of the Week. Is it harder or easier than you thought it would be to come up with a C.O.W.?
That’s right! And some weeks are harder than others because of weather or family schedules but it always works out. The main thing is that I continue to be consistent and advocate skating. The purpose of Clip of the Week is not to drop hammers each week, but to encourage everyone to go out and skate whether they are advanced skaters or just beginners.

Which clip are you most juiced on?
My favorite clip so far would probably be Clip of the Week #12. I tried this trick five years ago when I was 11 and died. I kinda psyched myself out about that stair set, but I went back and nailed it.

Any that you feel were kinda forced?
Every clip I have done was because I love skating and want to do it every day but every day isn’t always possible. We all have lives and have to work, school, family, weather… but at least once a week is possible. That is why I do Clip of the Week to remind people to go out and get some skating in!

Got any plans for specific stunts or tricks with your C.O.W.?
I am always thinking of new ideas for Clip of the Week but you’re just gonna have to wait and see what’s in-store. My dad and I have been throwing around some ideas and I think people are really gonna love it!

You mentioned the other day that you’d been hitting the streets with Cameron and Majette to film some stuff — what’re you working on with those guys?
Well, I have been working with Cameron Card, Chris Majette and Adam Killgore on a new edit for Denial. Make sure to look for that in the upcoming weeks along with the new Denial website! I am going to be working with them on some other great things over this summer as well.

Sounds like you have several things in the works?
I actually have a lot of projects and ideas that I am going to start working on now that I just finished 10th grade! Most of them are skating related, but I am trying to work on things that incorporate skating with other things. Skating is my life and I know that there are great opportunities our there for not only myself but the skating industry as well, I just need to get out there and find them.

You have any funny stories you can share about things you’ve seen or heard or been a part of at the Denial Print Co workshop? I know some pretty crazy people roll through there.
Majette and Killgore are always arguing about something, it’s like they are married, ha ha. But yeah, definitely some interesting looking people, and one rapper that comes in a lot always has this weird smell and it smells like him at the shop for like the next three days.

Ha ha! Well, we’ll start to wrap this up with a couple random questions:

Best edit you’ve seen recently?
Just saw a really good edit of Jeff Dalnas for USD. It was incredible skating and all around the footage and editing was awesome.

Event you’d most like to attend that you probably won’t/can’t?
I really wanted to go to Summer Clash… and another event that I would like to go to but most likely can’t would be the China X-Games.

Next part you’ll replace on your skates?
I actually broke both buckles last week and I will be replacing my sliders on my skates too.

Last time you changed your bearings?
About two months ago.

How bad does your helmet smell?
It actually doesn’t smell that bad. I got one of those Triple Eight helmets where you can actually wash the pads.

How long is your hair gonna get before April or Wes make you chop it?
Ha ha, it’s always about the same but having a short hair cut? I don’t know… I’m like Samson, I don’t want to cut off what could be my superpower!

You gonna mack some gymnasts again at camp?

Ha ha, I guess we can call it there! Thanks for talking with us Wake, and keep up the C.O.W.s — we’ll be watching.
Thank you ONE! Check it out every Friday at 5 PM EST on my Youtube channel 1996wake and make sure to subscribe! If you want to know more about me, check out my website

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