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Adam Bazydlo Solo Sessions Volume One

How often do you blade? Every weekend? Couple times a week? If you’re Adam Bazydlo, you blade every single chance you get. Got 30 minutes to kill before a business appointment? Try that kink rail just up the road. Or the gap. Or the that line… For Adam, when you drive past a random stunt, you stop and do it. By yourself. Filmed only with your phone. That’s how these clips came into existence, and where the idea for this Solo Sessions project came from. So click Play and watch one man on a mission get his piece in the streets of Georgia. Like Adam, we’re already thinking about Volume Two.

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Adam, you’re a really talented blader that seems totally out of lock-step with the industry, and I mean that in the best way possible. Is there a blade credo you live by?
Thanks man, I think I’m just an old school blader that enjoys the simple pleasures our sport has to offer, and for me that’s usually handrails or gaps. I love skating creative obstacles too but it’s gotta tickle my fancy.

How many days a week do you strap up and get a piece? And overall, how much time do you spend blading alone vs blading with a crew?
I usually blade 3-4 days a week if the weather’s good. I always have the “solo sessions” going on due to lack of time in my schedule. I love blading with the homies, just don’t always have a routine schedule to coordinate.

Over the last year or two you’ve moved around — first making a new home in Chicago where you seemed to be flourishing — and then you relocated back to the south for family stuff. How’s that going? And what has moving around like that taught you and blading here in the U. S. of A.? 
Yeah, life has been pretty crazy the past two years. I had a great job that relocated me to Chicago, got a dog, got married, got re-married to blading, and then lost my dad last August to a heart attack. We came back to GA to live with and help my mom out for a little while and she’s more then happy to have us back, as are we! Georgia has always been home for both of us so we’re happy to be back and catching up with old/new friends. Made some great memories and friends in Chicago and am more then thankful to the Chicago blade scene. (Special thanks to Brian Bruno [for constantly hassling me to come blade], Collin Martin [for doing EVERYTHING in Chicago], GL Joe, and Doug Sharley [for being the best mutherfucker alive].)

Watching your clips, you blade anywhere at any time, and therefore come across a wide swath of the public — what’s the best/worst experience you’ve had with a random person while doing the solo thing?
I think strangers are my favorite element to solo sessions. Their reactions are priceless. Blading solo is a whole different ball game, especially when doing stunts. There’s no “lying” to yourself about the tricks you want to do, so commitment has to be 100% to every trick. The best experiences are all of the positive strangers you meet that wanna talk about rollerblading. My favorite time was in St. Louis. A bunch of boarders rolled up on me at a spot and I could hear them making jokes from a far… Then they saw I was trying this quadruple transfer rail… and then they got quiet. They were absolutely shocked, and then watched as I attempted it, and gave ample props all around after I landed it. The only real negative experiences is falling on something sketchy when no one’s around. The worst for that was at MLK High on those blue square down rails, that sucked. There’s a clip on Instagram, just go search #Bladezilla. 😉

And here we are starting a new blog thing that has no rhyme, reason or shape other than giving you a platform to communicate with the blade fam. Any ideas what people should expect from the Bladezilla Blog?
Anything and everything blading! Where to get a tripod for your phone so you can start filming your own solo sessions, how to deal with authority as an adult blader, waxing tips, how to build your own practice rails, trick tips, how to motivate yourself into blading alone, etc. This blog is a great way to show the community that it’s not impossible to go skate alone, and if you have some questions along the way we’re gladly here to help and motivate in any way we can!

Can you tell us anything about the clips we’ve got for people this week? What’s the story behind the session?
So this week I had some time on a Monday night as it was getting dark. Wifey had to work so I took to the streets for an hour before heading home. I only had about 26% battery left so I had to make it quick. A few cool ledges to warm up on, and then I found this big 16-stair gap with really cool lighting that I decided to take a crack at.

Should we ask the public to send in trick requests or to talk shit to you or anything? I don’t see why not…
Please. All hate and love is welcome 🙂 Trick tips, spot requests, you wanna see it… let me know.

Shout outs?
First and foremost my wife Kaydee and my mom. They have helped me and supported me in so many ways I can’t even begin to list, so thanks — love yall! Second, I have gotta thank my sponsors: USD, Scribe, Long at Oak City, VollKreis, and Grey Matter Hard Goods! Without you guys I would blade a LOT less because I’m broke right now, haha. Lastly, shout out to the whole Chicago and Atlanta blade scenes, everyone who has pushed or motivated me to come out to events, contests, or even days to film… thank you. You’re awesome.

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