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BLADE LIFE: Dominic Sagona Week 2

BLADE LIFE continues this week when Dominic gives us an update on his nightlife, and dishes some Barn Burner dirt. Check it out!

I just ate: microwavable cheesy lasagna Hamburger Helper mixed with rice, spicy nacho cheese Doritos, and doused with hot pico pica hot sauce. Wow, that was fuckin’ good.

Anyway… I went and saw Andy C. and Ed Rush & Optical last night. They are two of my favorite dnb artists, and they were fucking wicked to say the least. Killer dj’s and a killer party as always. These are what drum and bass parties at The Vanguard in L.A. look like. Lots of fun. 😉

Man, Barn Burner is this weekend. And to be honest, I’m nervous. Not ‘cause of a competition or anything, but because it’s Thursday, I leave Friday for a weekend out of town competition in Seattle, and I honestly only have $20 dollars to my name, with no per diem anywhere in sight! Man, this could, to say the least, become very interesting. God I love being a professional rollerblader. But I know Jeremy Townsend has already got a wicked after party planned for Saturday at some club, so you already know madness will be about.

Now for a nice little Barn Burner recap: Chris Haffey and Brian Aragon are the two best rollerbladers in the world. Hands down. If you ever watch either of these two skate against eachother in person, you would know exactly what I’m talking about. You might as well not even enter if those two are skating… and that’s all i have to say about that.

After party in a Nutshell: Chris “10 shots in 10 minutes” Haffey earns his new nickname at the bar. Crazy drunk, pump-you-up, steroid rage guy tries to fight everyone. Jeremy knocks him out. Penthouse party after the club with a view over downtown Seattle. Girl to guy ratio 2 – 12, we all leave. Everyone goes home. Shots of the club (god I pose the same way every time)…

Got a little USD package in the mail with some new Dom Sagona skates; juiced on that. I actually gave my old (and only) pair to my buddy Nic, who is just one of the gnarliest amateurs this side of SoCal. He was hurtin’ for skates and needed to compete in the amateur comp at Woodward West that just past… so I had to hook him up. He got 3rd so it made it all worthwhile. Least i think he did, from what I read… hmm…

Last note: Beer makes you flatulent.

Song of the week: Mysterons – That’s the way.

Talk to you all next week. ─ Dom Sagona

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  • geoff - April 3rd, 2007

    jug set

  • Townsend - April 5th, 2007

    Straight knocked that fool out!

  • rob bingham - April 12th, 2007

    i never knew there were dnb parties in LA!?! that sounds sick. props to dom on this article, drum & bass and rollerblading is a potent combination baby! haha!

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