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Cameron Talbott: High Plains Drifter

The earliest memory I have of Cameron Talbott is in Casey Bagozzi’s “Sacrifice.” He laces this X to royale on a kink rail and I remember thinking “Oh, so that’s how that switch up is supposed to look.”

Maybe it’s the Montana mountains that tend to be in the background of every clip, maybe it’s the solid compact way he lands most every trick, or maybe it’s that full head of blonde dreads! Whatever the reason, Cameron Talbott is not a skater easily forgotten. To top it off he is humble, quiet minded, and has love for his brothers and sisters near or far. 

Cameron finally had some time to get some photos (thanks to Brian Sorg) and have a chat with me about blading and life.

* * * *

When did you start traveling out of the country and why?
I started traveling internationally about five years ago. I just wanted to grow as a human being and see what life in different parts of the world were all about.
All the people I have met, and the places I have visited along the way, have taught me so much about myself and the world I live in.

So what countries have you been to?
In the past few years I have been to Belize and Guatemala doing mostly volunteer work. In the Philippines I did volunteer work as well, and played a ton of basketball (haha), and I have been to Indonesia twice now.
I discovered that the Indonesia blade scene is surprisingly huge, and only seems to be growing in a positive direction. I could totally live in Indonesia too, the best people there.
I also hit Japan for a few, only on the way to Indonesia, ha ha. Basically just long enough to get another stamp in the passport

Roy 270 to Bank 270 Off

What was it like going from the mountains of Montana to pretty much the exact opposite climate of those islands?
Ha ha, it was a big change for sure! Most places I have been had a very tropical climate that consisted of two seasons: wet and dry. 

Montana gets all four seasons to the extreme — hot summers, cold winters and funky unpredictable weather in between. So in a way I’m used to weather changing all the time, the thing that gets you though is the humidity. You just have to except that you are going to be sweaty, all the time!
It can be 30 degrees in the morning when you wake up here in Montana, and by noon its 75-80 degrees. People here say “If you don’t like the weather, just wait 10 minutes!”

So what keeps you in Montana? Is it tough finding time/spots to skate?
Honestly, it’s the quality of life that keeps me here in Montana. I love being outside and taking advantage of my surroundings in any way, shape or form. It can be tough to get out and film, because there are only a few skaters and no one really films. When I’m in a position to film though I definitely try not to take it for granted, and am as productive as possible.
Montana is full of active people doing their thing and it’s inspiring to be around people that are motivated in whatever they do, skating or not.

When I skate here I always have a good time, whether alone or with a few friends. There are a ton of fun parks all over western Montana and they keep building more.

(None More) Mute 360

Tell me about your relationship with Valo. Are you apart of their team, did they fund any part of your volunteer trips?
I would say I am more part of the Valo family. I have been with Valo for five years or so now. Jon has helped me out with all the necessary tools to go out and shred every day and I am very grateful for that. 

Most of the volunteer work I was part of didn’t really involve skating, so I took care of the financial side of things.
What is keeping you from having a full section in one of these Valo projects?
Just being at the right place at the right time I guess. I would have to go out and spend a good chunk of time with Ivan and get shit done.

Unfortunately (like most), I have to work to get by and a trip like that would be costly, unless it was taken care of by Jon.
Our industry doesn’t have the most money and it can be frustrating for those who really push it and deserve some support, but on the other side of things that is why I love skating. Most people do go out and really push it for no money! That to me is what sets us apart from other sports, the level of heart for what we do with little to no return.
On a side note, when I travel to third world countries for months on end, I have never spent more than my airfare while traveling. 

The exchange rates help a ton and the kind people you meet along the way are so generous and helpful. You really learn to separate your needs from wants in places where all they have at times is each other.

Top Acid

So what can we expect from you in the future? More travels?
As far as the future goes, I want to continue traveling and see as much as I can while I’m young and able. Hopefully make it out to some more blade events this summer. I’m headed out for the Northwest Shred Tour tomorrow, way excited for that to happen!
Also I would like to do some more projects with Jon and Jeff Linnet (Circolo wheels). Jeff has some cool ideas that I really want to see happen. Mostly though, I’m just trying to stay positive, have good intentions, and hopefully everything will unfold as it should.

You put a lot of faith into humanity, I dig it. Anyone in particular you would like to thank?
I just want thank all my friends and family, my girlfriend Alex for the love and support along the way. Jon Julio, Jeff Linett, and Asmo for keeping me motivated and helping out with all the necessities! And all my friends in Indonesia! You guys are awesome!

Interview and Overview by Steamy Duke
Photos by the always agreeable Brian Sorg

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  • akari - June 25th, 2014

    Cameron killed it at the NWST2014. Also this article is tight. Your are a very inspirational person. I had a blast shredding with you on tour. Let plan to cross paths again soon.

    Take care and Aloha,

  • Shaun Unwin - June 25th, 2014

    Cameron Talbot is one of my favourite human beings on planet earth.

  • betet pesuy - June 26th, 2014

    salam baktos,

    kumaha damang kang .

    i know him when the first time hitting indonesia, he’s nice blader and very inspirational. he gave me a pair of aggresive inline skate boots, that was unforgetable moment. from now on, i roll everyday.

    see you again in indonesia ….


  • dude - July 10th, 2014

    A Cameron Talbot section in the next Valo video would be most awesome!

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