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Dustin Jamieson: Highly Caffeinated

The following exchange took place at 8am on Saturday morning, September 13th, 2014. The location was 30 miles west of Hood River, OR, en route to Richland, WA via the scenic Columbia River Gorge. A fellow called Christmas asked the questions.

* * * *

Alright Dustin, what is your name, age, sex, favorite color, and do you have any pets?
Dustin Jamieson, often called Justin Damieson, 25 years old, is located uhh… (short pause) “Just sex?”

Sex is male. Favorite color is black, or purple, depending on the day.

Dustin / Pic: Gaustad

Depending on the Sharpie you’re using.
Yeah, depending on what color I decided to Sharpie my skates. And I have two cats, Mochi and Shadow, and a dog, Charlie Murphy.

So, next question. A lot of bladers got into skating from seeing a neighborhood kid grind a curb, or the Yasutoko brothers skate vert in the X-games. How and when did you get into skating?
I got into skating through Brink, and Jet Grind Radio. I used to skateboard, bike, rollerblade, scooter, all that stuff. But for some reason that Disney channel movie spoke to me, and that ended up being what I had the most fun doing.

Neg Mistrial / Pic: Gaustad

You were sponsored by Razors for like a day, do you have any sponsors now?
(Giggles) I skate for First and Lexington Apparel right now, that’s about it.

You make some really weird edits. You have been filming and making edits non-stop for years. Where do you get the inspiration to make such fucked videos nobody watches?
(Both parties laugh at the truth)
Four Loco helps, a lot. Alcohol in general helps. Weird music. I just have a whole bunch of creative ideas that I just want to try and work out. And for some reason I chose my skating edits to be that outlet.

FS BS / Pic: Humphrey

You being the only popular skater to come out of the northwest. (Stupid dork laughs all around) Who do you skate with and where? You’re close to Seattle right?
Oh dude, SUPER close to Seattle. No, I live in Vancouver, WA, so just 10 minutes north of Portland, OR. I skate with the Eastside Blade Life guys the most, and also my younger brothers up in Longview (KFBT).

Do you get a lot of shit being a tall guy with shitty style? (Even more stupid dork laughs) How do you cope with all the hate mail? And where do you find Oli Shorts this time of the millenia?
Last time I tried to find Oli Shorts Loco Skates had some, so shout outs to them for the Olis. I get a little shit for being tall. One thing I do remember is when Razors posted on their website, which I wish I would have fucking cataloged this webpage since its not online — I tried to find it a while ago. Whoever wrote it made a comment about not liking tall skaters, but something about me stood out. I was like “what the fuck.” You’re right, I do get some shit for being tall, tall and skinny.

AO T-Porn / Pic: Humphrey

Last question. What are the best pair of Vibralux jeans that fit you?
(Nervous Laugh) Like, did that comment on Rollerwarehouse, my review, did that publicly post to my Facebook?

Huh? I don’t know.
Everyone gives me shit about that, and I wrote a review about those jeans.

I made that comment because last week you told me that no pants fit you.
It’s true, no pants fit me. Sorry Vibralux, I try. They almost don’t look short with skates on.

Hippie Clench 180 / Pic: Humphrey

Which Vibralux pants fit the best?
The Chris Farmer. The very first Farmers were long enough for me, but I ripped the crotch.

I think this is where you do shoutouts.
Shouts to Mom and Dave for keeping me in check when I want to sell all my belongings and burn my house down. Chaela for getting that I need to blade to stay sane. Dad for letting me know that if he can shred a mountain bike at 50, I’d better quit bitching and shred some little rollerblades at 25. Drew, Devan, Cody, Moe, Christian, Chase, Christmas, Crisco, and Henry for being my dudes. Darby for not letting me go home until I landed tricks when I was 16. EASTSIDEBLADELIFE. Also shouts to Mochi, Shadow, and Charlie Murphy for giving me hair to vacuum up every damn day.

Questions by Christmas
Transcription/Censorship/Editing by Dustin Jamieson
Photos by Drew Humphrey and Matt Gaustad

Discussion / Dustin Jamieson: Highly Caffeinated

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  • Christian - September 19th, 2014

    You should probably drink more milk, fruit-booter.

  • polybius - September 20th, 2014

    Justin Damieson IS rollerblading.

  • dmommy - September 20th, 2014

    How many nights did we spend watching Brink, great family nights.

  • namaste - October 30th, 2014

    Never heard the name hippie clench before but that pic is sick

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