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Evert Lubja: Estonia’s Blading Vagabond

We can’t remember where or when exactly we crossed paths with Evert Lubja, but he’s always been an incredibly well-mannered, if not soft-spoken gentleman. This unassuming demeanor is misleading, because as soon as Evert laces up and executes a maneuver, it’s clear that a fierce competitive spirit is brewing just beneath the surface. And that drive leads Evert to events and sessions all over the world, like last fall when he was in San Diego where Sean Macgowan was able to capture these photos. Then we asked Baltic region blader Nils Jansons to come up with a list of questions to help us all learn more about Evert, his neighbor to the north, so check out this Q&A between two of Europe’s standout blade talents.

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Favorite place (city, country, spot) you’ve ever skated and why?
Most likely Cali, with all the banks and drain ditches. Just because they are so massive and smooth. Being from a place that doesn’t have concrete skateparks, the banks and ditches remind me a lot of huge skateparks that I saw in videos as a kid.


Best part about being blader from Estonia?
No capped spots, and most of the spots aren’t your regular down ledge/rail, so you have to think outside the box.

Worst part about being blader from Estonia?
Not having a chill out spot or a good skatepark. Most of the spots that we have here are do or die. Just to get a session in with everyone is hard.

AO Porn Revert

If you could do only one single trick for rest of your life, which would it be and why?
Fishbrains. There are so many grab varieties, haha.

Favorite blading memory/moment that you will tell your grandchildren?
Most likely my first trip to the UK comp Laced, many years ago. Just jumping on a plane and going there, not knowing anyone, and having no idea where to stay. Landing in Liverpool at midnight and befriending Olfert Poelen and his brother, who then sorted me out with a hotel with them next to the skatepark.
Then having the time of my life there. It’s more of a mantra to me now. Not giving an F and just jumping in head first and seeing what happens. But more memories to come for sure.


What’s planned for next 10 years?
Haha, it’s even hard to plan a week, I can’t imagine 10 years, but most likely still blading, doing something rad with my life… maybe open a bar/food business, who knows.

What three things do you always have when on a blade trip?
• Blades
• Socks, a lot of socks
• Phone to capture all the madness

Split Soul w/cheese

What has influenced your current style of skating and choice of tricks?
Nowadays, everyone is trying to find their own style, so it’s really inspiring to see a lot of cool and different shit getting done all around the world. So I can say everyone is influencing me. Also, great bladers like Don Bambrick, John Bolino, and Chris Smith to name a few.

Even gotten any advice that you want to share with us?
You can’t please everyone in blading, so you do you; enjoy it and the people will follow.

Outspin Rocket Fish Rewind

Shout outs, or anything you’d like say to everyone reading this?
Shout out to all the rad people doing cool stuff, and to my sponsors Remz and The Blade Clothing for always having my back.

[The END]

Questions by Nils Jansons
Photos by Sean Macgowan

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