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Outside Looking In

Łukasz Auguściak is a fashion photographer from Poland and recently he worked with a group of skaters in his hometown to create this unique collection of action and lifestyle imagery. Stitched together from the many details, beats and moments that make up each and every session, dive into a world much like your own but with a new cast of characters and a setting that Auguściak himself calls “concrete blocks.”

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Are you ready for a look into the street and lifestyle of Poland? My name is Łukasz Auguściak and I’m a 27-year-old Polish fashion photographer with a love for travel, life, feeling, and exploring every new thing that inspires me. 

Lately I’ve been very intrigued with street photography, so I called my buddy Marcin, who is a very talented rollerblader and we set up a time to meet. We hung out a bit, “Cin” landed a couple tricks, I shoot a couple pictures, and we were wild about the results. We knew we needed to do it again.

And because Marcin is that typical old head that loves to teach young fellas, I told him to bring a whole team for the next shoot. So we met up about three more times — it went great. Cin inspired everyone to their limits, teaching the younger skaters how to overcome fear while doing their tricks.

For me this project wasn’t just about the technical aspect, the main focus was really the lifestyle. The feeling of freedom and passion and friendship that these guys experience while rocking their wheels. It’s just crazy how much love these guys have for skating.

These photos were all shot in my hometown of Lomza, which is in the northeastern part of Poland. What I love about this city is that you can always find wonderful people with talent, or an amazing story, even if they’re hidden in the concrete blocks.

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