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This is Jeph Howard

Topside Soyale / Photo by Haynes

Rumor has it you have IBS (irratable bowel syndrome). What is the most number of poops you have taken in one day? And how does it affect an all-day blade session with the boys?
Ha ha ha ha ha ha, this is a funny one. Number… It is well into the double digits. As for how it effects the sessions, we make a lot of gas station stops. Ha ha.

*Bonus question: favorite brand of toilet paper?
Whatever is most expensive! I like the two-ply with as much softness as you can think of.

What is your favorite trick you have ever done? The biggest rail?
Definitely… probably… my ender trick in Too Much Love 2. Launch to royale to roll a huge ledge. It was just sick because it was the start of the year and the beginning of the filming for the video and every single one of my homies was there. Such a sick day.

What is it about the Minnesota scene that keeps you here?
Amazing skate spots, the most amazing summers, and the coolest people you could ever meet. Our blade scene is so sick. We have so many diverse bladers and we all are best friends. If we’re not blading, we’re kicking it with each other.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of skating?
Well, I love just kicking it with the Lady friend. Going out boozing with the buddies. Hockey, for sure. Biking and blading around town. Just like, being out and about with awesome people.

Who can motivate you to do a trick more than anyone else?
Not sure. I really just tell myself “If you try it, you will probably do it.” My main thing is to really keep it completely positive in my head.

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  • Oscar Zabala - May 21st, 2012

    Dude is really dope

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