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Pics from the A-Town Stomp

After deciding I couldn’t afford to make the trip, I left at the last minute and was fortunate enough to make it to another A-Town Stomp event. And I’m glad I went, because Carson and Brian Starnes did another sweet street contest in Atlanta and had a pretty large turn-out with some rad guys showing up.

The first spot of the contest was a bank to rail, as well as a plastic barrier and a curved box.

The second spot was a down rail with a two stair gap at the top and a 5-stair gap at the bottom to a plywood landing. Halfway through the second spot it started raining and everybody found shelter away from the contest under the tree. Brian moved the awning that the judges were under to the landing of the rail so the landing wouldn’t be too wet to skate. Some dudes actually skated through the rain and everyone else joined back in when it slowed down.

The third and last spot was in a ghetto area of downtown where I’m sure everyone had illegal firearms and crack. I didn’t get the opportunity to take many pictures here due to the rain at the second spot prolonging the day. By the time we got there I didn’t have much daylight and unfortunately my batteries for my flashes mysteriously disappeared. This spot consisted of some busted concrete with boxes leading to a drop on the right side. On the left side there was a pole jam leading to a bank, then at the landing a ramp with a pole sticking out of the top of it. Tim Taylor did some sweet huge 720s and 900s and everyone else followed suit grinding up the rail and such.

Here’s the pics…

Discussion / Pics from the A-Town Stomp

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  • JS` - August 20th, 2012

    It’d be great if I could scroll through these pics

  • JE - August 20th, 2012

    You can. Just click on a thumbnail, then click on that enlarged pic to scroll through.

  • JF - August 20th, 2012

    Someone who knows Atlanta should have written the article so we know where the spots were. Pics are sick though.

  • Corey Oringderff - August 20th, 2012

    I could give you the addresses if you needed them!

  • joeschmoe - August 20th, 2012

    3rd: garrett.
    2nd: Cooley
    1st: Sizemore

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