Casey Geraghty / February 20th, 2012 / Blogs
DINNER Premier

ONE of the best parts about making a video with your friends is premiering the fucking thing! The premier for our video DINNER ( ) was extra awesome since it was the first time all the participants in the video were in the same room since the production began. Mike Dempsey was home from LA and was kind enough to let us debut our self-proclaimed masterpiece in his basement. We know Mike’s basement very well. It serves as both a pre-blading think-tank for spots to skate and a post-blading chill-zone. Equipped with a mini-fridge, dolby surround sound 5.0 and a pool table, it’s where you want to be. The J-Man (aka Juan Gusta aka John Lyke) was also in town. I think he had been in Burlington, Vermont, resting up with his lady after taking a gnarly slam to the skull in LA. It was good to see John back to 100% and shot-gunning PBR’s at record pace. We played the video streaming on Vimeo. It was a risk, but it worked out. The time spent loading in between each section served as a platform for each skater to give a speech. We almost immediately learned that this is just as risky as streaming our video. I think I thanked Jesus for hooking up with my Mom. It got weird. Anyway, it was a fun night and a damn good reason to make DESSERT!







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