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Discovery & Rediscovery

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The fact that I rollerblade brings a number of equally great and not so great things to my life. The number of good obviously outweighs the bad, or none of us would still strap up our blades each and every time. One of the two things it has brought me that I treasure the most is the great people I’ve met and know through it, and the amazing places it’s taken me. A recent long weekend in Bristol only further highlighted these two points in a strong light. With a close but for the most part distanced friendship, this weekend was a chance for me to refresh a relationship, realize its true value, as well as fall head over heels In love with a brand new city.

It has been a clear year since our last encounter, which funnily enough was to wish him farewell and good Luck in his move over to Canada. It felt as if that was only yesterday, and although we had kept in contact we both readily filled each other in on what had been going, as if speaking face to face added more value to content normally covered in our internet-based conversations. We skated, we hung out, Ben showed me all that Bristol had to offer, and I gushed over it. Adam joined us midway through to complete the trio we once had four years ago in Essex, and the weekend continued in much the same way.

It was a total success and so much fun that I was reflecting over all that had happened before I even got back home. I’m not entirely sure what my point is or if I ever had one, it probably should be something to do with friendship and travel. Maybe it’s some overall message about making the most of life, people and opportunities. All I really know is that I felt I had to tell people about this special weekend, explain what it meant to me, and that I have rollerblading to thank for it all.

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