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Full Time – Macon, GA

Brad Hughes and Seth Lloyd

I have been living in Georgia for approximately… a long time now. Six or seven years, I think. I remember my dad telling me about meeting these rollerbladers in the parking lot of the hotel my parents were staying in one summer while visiting my sister. Daniel was doing a gap out of a Wendy’s parking lot and Seth was still filming with a GL2. My dad ran out and talked to them. Unbeknownst to me, they were the same guys I had met on the Skatepile forum months before.

The day I got on a plane with my brother, Chris, and flew here was rainy and shitty, but Seth Lloyd and Daniel Henderson made their way to my parents’ house to pick us up. We bladed stupid tall handicaps and long triple kinks in the rain. Ever since that day I have looked forward to all of the partying and reckless skate trips we tend to embark on, providing the opportunity to meet as many awesome humans as possible.

My younger self didn’t know what these guys were capable of, along with the rest of the Macon crew. These guys are ultimately some of my best friends and favorite rollerbladers.

Full Time is a video filmed and edited primarily by Seth Lloyd. The video highlights the talent in Macon with sections from Seth Lloyd, Brad Hughes, Daniel Henderson, and Phillip Deal. It also showcases talent from some of the raddest guys from the south like Michael Braud, Montre Livingston, Adam Ehalt, Julian Bah, and Carson Starnes.

Seth just held the premier of the video at Central City Skatepark in Macon and we had a bunch of friends come to show support. Thanks to everyone that made it out and let me take their photo!

Cop a copy from the supporters!

Roller Warehouse

Oak City Skateshop

Discussion / Full Time – Macon, GA

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