Corey Oringderff / February 15th, 2012 / Blogs
Remembering our trip to NYC

Our trip to NYC was awesome. Daniel Henderson, Seth Lloyd, and myself met up with Gumby, who drove the entire way to Brooklyn and back from Chattanooga, TN. I got to meet my sister that I never knew, Tracy, and did some sightseeing around New York City. I went to the contest and decided I probably didn’t need a media vest. There were so many people taking pictures and videos that I’d prefer to stay away. We went to a bar that night and proceded to drink a considerable amount. I ended up exploring Brooklyn by myself all night with no shoes and a PBR in hand, as we had nowhere to stay that night. Around 6 am we sort of re-grouped, headed to the Statue of Liberty, and sought off to find Daniel and go home. With no sleep the prior night we left for the 18-hour drive back to Tennessee and then again back to Georgia.

Discussion / Remembering our trip to NYC

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  • Alan Hughes - February 20th, 2012

    That last pic of Wojda’s ttp is epic

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