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“A Day in the Mitten” Street Comp

Michigan has two main surviving scenes: the Detroit area, and the west side of the state. So whenever there’s a blade event that gets everybody together in the same city, people are down to go have a good time. Besides, it’s not every day that you get to shred, bullshit and party with 30 of your homies. On September 1st I hosted the “A Day In The Mitten” street comp in Kalamazoo, MI, which I took over organizing last summer due to Chris “Air” Couture’s recent move to California.

Besides the Bittercold Showdown, Michigan had a lot of sick events this past year. Last Summer, and this winter’s comps in K-Zoo (which introduced the people attending to Haunted Wheels for the 1st time). Then the dudes in Detroit held an insane comp, the “Delta City Open,” with a $1,000 prize for first place. After that, Kalamazoo bladers hosted a box jam to pair with the video premier of Alex Beaupres newest DVD “Hope Dies Last.”

When it was time to start organizing for this summer’s comp, Brad Osantoski decided it was also time to put out a legit comp edit to showcase the vibe of our event and the dope tricks that were going down each year. This summer’s comp brought out more people and had more sponsors than ever. Eric Foust, Garret Mitschelen (back to back champ), and the rest of the South Bend, IN crew, as well as Brian Bruno and the Chicago, IL cats who came out after another comp was canceled, all joined the population of bladers from out of state. Then of course we had Brian Weis and the Detroit homies coming into town to get wacky, Mikey Blair and Matt Osantoski coming down from (rumple town) Grand Rapids, MI to murder the spots, as well as bladers from all around MI. Even with the rain pouring down for part of the day it ended up being an amazing comp. So with the footage from all five cameras filming at the event, Brad and Haunted Wheel Co. are proud to present this years “Day In The Mitten” street comp official edit!

Craig Mirasola / Soul to Drop

Garret Mitschelen / AO X-grind

Chris Mccormick / Roll to Bank

Brian Bruno / True Top porn

After Party

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