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Blading Cup 2017 Recap

Raw Footage! Curated photos! It’s a concise Blading Cup 2017 recap that let’s you catch the highlights from the comfort of your digital enclave. If you missed this year’s two-day Blading Cup event — your bad! But don’t worry, ONE was there to film Pro Finals highlights featuring Alex Broskow, Soichiro Kanashima, Derek Henderson, Brian Freeman, Jeff Stockwell, Cameron Talbott, Antony Pottier, Mike Obedoza, Gavin Drumm and too many more to list. And that’s just the clips! Photo pro Drew Amato showed up and squeezed off a handful of photos that show just what blading misses when Drew isn’t around! Finally, take a look at our “Better Late Than Live” Pro Qualifier and Veteran’s Cup highlight clips on Facebook video. And that’s your Blading Cup 2017 Recap!

* * * *

Alex Broskow

Brian Freeman

Cameron Talbott

Alex Broskow

Jeremy Spira

Jeff Stockwell

Jon Julio

Alex Broskow

Mike Dempsey

Jon Ortiz

[The END]

All photos by Drew Amato

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