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Blading Cup Qualifier: LBC

This weekend a corner of the main parking lot at Grenada Beach in LBC was transformed into a DIY street course for the Blading Cup Qualifier. As the busy Love Long Beach festival raged just feet away, Mike Obedoza and the Lux Armor team put in serious work to bring blading to a prime spot in their city. And, situated immediately adjacent to the main entrance of the festival proper, this just may have been the best location of a blade event we’ve ever attended. As the public looked on in wonder and the blade buds shredded, these are some moments we captured.

* * * *

#useleSS on the scene

Dustin Spengler / Stale Air

Damon Franklin / Fish


Soderburg / BS Roy to Neg Acid

Hunter Grimm / AO Top Soul

Jimmy & Dustin

Garret / Backslide to AO Porn

Tim & Eric

Kruise Sapstein / AO Top Soul


Cody Porche / Gap to Soul

Dustin Spengler / Gap AO Wally

In the end the results ended up like this:

1) Garret Mitschelen
2) Kruise Sapstein
3) Damon Franklin

Congrats to everyone involved behind the scenes for their hard work to make the event happen, with some special attention due to Mike Obedoza; Tim Franken, Carlos Jaquez and Lux Armor; Long Beach Rollersports; Sure Grip/Powerslide; Chris Calkins; and more we’re surely overlooking. And big ups to all the bladers that shredded hard, put the course to the test, and brought blading to an unsuspecting public.

This. We all need more of this.

Pics by JE

Discussion / Blading Cup Qualifier: LBC

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  • Justin - July 21st, 2014

    This was the first event I had ever been to and was so stoked to see a few other bladers but I had no idea there would be so many. The older guys were doing some sick tricks I wish I still had the guts to attempt. It was a trip seeing the guys who I had always seen in videos like E.Rod, Franky, and Dre – Franky was really chill but didn’t get to meet the others since we had to leave early. Those younger guys killed it getting out there in front of everyone and just doing what they love. Wasn’t expecting to see switch-ups and topsides from them at first but they really are the future and we’re sure to see great things from them. Was really cool of Long Beach Roller Sport to come out and have stuff to buy. Thank you to everyone who made this event possible I can’t wait until November for the next event.

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