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NYC blade roots run deep, and one of the longest rolling members of their crew is back on the scene and making a splash with his eponymously named event, the Boschi Pope Skate Off. A late addition to the summer 2016 schedule planned over a course of weeks, the results of these efforts reveal the dedication and appetite that currently grips the east coast blade community. Former area resident Sam DeAngelis made the trip from California like many others, only instead of strapping up his boots Sam shouldered his camera and captured the event in striking black and white images for your viewing pleasure. Congratulations to Boschi, NYC, all the bladers that skated and supported, and of course to Montre Livingston for taking the win.

* * * * *

That’s a crowd.

Boschi on the mic.

On Sunday, August 28th 2016, the “Summer 16” skate circuit by New York Skate Series capped a great summer of NYC competitions by assisting NYC skate legend Boschi Pope in presenting the first-ever Boschi Pope Skate Off. The competition showcased the talents of both professional and amateur rollerbladers facing off side by side in a total of thirteen heats entering the first round. The turnout was incredible and the event turned out to be one of the most important contests of the 2016 season.

Mike Johnson

Billy O’Neill

NYSS and Butter TV partnered the event as NYC icons Mike “Murda” Johnson and Billy “Fish” O’Neill, fresh off a plane from California, assisted Boschi Pope in judging the event.

Boschi Pope

Victor Arias

Tim Franken

Pablo Munoz

Paul John

Jordan Baez

Julian Bah

Boschi was the sole contributor of the $1,000 cash prize and graciously decided not to charge for the entry fee. Montre Livingston took the prize as he dueled it out along side Jeff Dalnas, Paul John, Julian Bah, and Kevin LaPierre to name a few.

Dalnas / Fish

Montre / Misty

Dalnas / AO Unity

Montre / Fishbrain

LaPierre on the down bar.

Montre / Backslide

Kevin LaPierre

Jeff Dalnas

Montre Livingston

Outsiders might say that this event marks a comeback for the NYC skate scene, as it undoubtably produced the best turnout since the Billy O’Neill Invitational several years prior. Maybe that’s true, as the scene rises with the help of NYSS, iRollNY, and surrounding local supporters such as Jordan Baez, Sean Grossman, Tony Ferreira, Malik Ashby and Adonis Taylor.

Some say the NYC skate scene is back. NYC knows it never left.

Steve Cortez and student

Montre wins

BPSO 2016 Champ Montre

Words and Photos by Sam DeAngelis

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