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Second Annual BPSO NYC

Last month Boschi Pope invited his extended blade family to NYC for the second installment of his BOSCHI POPE SKATE OFF. So on August 27th bladers from all corners of the U.S. headed to Hamilton Bridge Skatepark for prize cash, bragging rights, and the earned respect of the NYC scene. Our friend Gaby Velasquez happened to have a camera in-hand during the event, and for her first contributed piece delivers this crisp look at the blading from winner Alex Broskow, along with Jon Julio, John Vossoughi, Jesus Medina, Luke Naylor and others. Plus some choice snaps capturing shared blade life highlights from a day in the park.

* * * *

Get Loud

Jesus / Sav

Crowd Watches

Luke / BS Backslide

Boschi / Tru Miz

Fromm bomb

Who deez steez?

Center stage

Tadd / Topsoul


Korina Calderon / Soul

Acid for the crowd

Her first comp

“U belee dat?”

Paz / Topsoul

Jon / Surfing

Staten and the Bay


Adonis / BS Cowboy

Free / Fastslide

Dudes watch blading

This guy

Austin / Cab Topsoul

Leon’s whips

Ivan / Soul to Soul

Fromm and Dez

The Voss hangs

Fromm / AO Fish

Cab Top Acid

Jesus / Neg Mistrial

Tadd / Fishbrain

B Smith / Torque Soul

Alex / BS Fastslider

Voss / Frontside

Alex on the bar

JJ switch Fish

Boschi in charge

Crowd does work

More Loud



That is a topsoil

JJ / Wally Soul

They like it

Voss backside surf

Alex #squatcult

“I am going to stale…”

“Told ya”

Montre / Rocket 540

Alex / Full Tru Miz

Alex / Cloudiest Night

**clap clap**

Attack of the slap

“Have these birds…”

1) Alex Broskow
2) Montre Livingston
3) Jon Cooley
4) Bfree
5) Jon Fromm

[The END]

Photos by Gaby Velasquez

Discussion / Second Annual BPSO NYC

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  • Orlando - September 10th, 2017

    Good pictures of Gaby Velazquez…She representes the caribbean flavor!!!

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