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EVENTS: July 2010 AIL Coverage

Crowd shot from the top of the ramps.

On July 10th, Woodward West opened up the camp to host hundreds of rollerbladers for the latest AIL contest and the Intuiton $500 best trick.

As a long time Woodward fan, I have enjoyed checking out the facilities at the camps that are scattered across the U.S. I believe that these camps are ideal for training in hope of becoming an action sports champion.

Rachard gets laced up.

Krissy Graselli with her new USD bubblegum blades.

Everyone was invited to come to skate and compete. People came from all over California, Utah, Texas and even New York City. The Intuition Week also took place at camp the week before the event, and everyone enjoyed the amazing skateparks with the the gorgeous scenery that the landscape of Tehachapi, CA provides.

Sean Cowen, Tracy White Duran Bickmore.

Richie V while judging.

I was there on Saturday to experience the summer camp, the competitors and pros, in addition to a huge painting from the legendary Arlo!

Arlo with his work.

The unveiling of the mural.

During the week, Arlo Eisenberg was asked to paint mural in the art park at the back of the hangar. It took him from Tuesday morning to Thursday afternoon to work it out and he finally signed his piece just before the Amateur Inline League competition began on Saturday afternoon.

David Jones Soul Stall to Fakie.

Kato gets a boost.

After the “unveiling” of the mural, the youngest blader laced up to show us some action, and the 10 and Under Division really gave us some good vibes for the contest.

Dave Lang showing why he won his division.

Dave, mid-Disaster Back Royale.

I had the chance to meet Dave Lang from NYC, a fantastic rollerblader who showed us his talent with creative lines and consistent tricks during his run. Kato from Remz was happy to have him on the team and for him to take home a medal.

Jerf Stockwell cruises this Backslide.

And transferring during another line.

Jeff Stockwell and Rachard Johnson also skated impressively.

Alex Miranda has been making the rounds and killing it.

Chris Haffey demonstrating how to use a bank.

Chris Haffey defended his best trick by doing a huge disaster soul grind from the bank about 9 feet up into the Red Bull quaterpipe. This kind of serious stunt action was the perfect way to end the day.

When the contest ended Matt Mickey was there to give the cash to the winners.

Thanks to all the sponsors, as well as Pam and Richie Velasquez for organizing and making all of this happen.

Jeremy Condamine

Photos © 2010 Jeremy Condamine

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  • Carlos "Locell" Kessell - July 22nd, 2010

    Nice shots Jeremy, AM killin stylos!

  • Sam DeAngelis - July 25th, 2010

    jeremy is the mannnn!!!

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