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EVENTS: June 5th LA All Day Pics

Tracy on the mic during a heat of the Elite division.

The second LA All Day event of 2010 went down this past Saturday, and photographer Jeremy Condamine was at the Santa Monica Boys and Girls Club snapping pics while we ran around getting footage for our edit and hung with the bladers. Here’s some of what he got, with some quick words about what was going down. See you all at the next event, which is on July 24.

Sean Cowen was killing the sub box all day with tricks like this 270 BS Savannah to Topsoul.

Nacho shows he’s got tricks on it too with a quick 360 Front Nugen.

A locak ripper pays homage to a classic with this Ho Ho Plant.

Tony Rivituso / Mute over the volcano

Mike Obedoza was blading and watching.

More dudes checking out all the shredding.

Mysterious Mute.

Kevin Gillan came by and laced this fishbrain.

Here it looks like KG’s ready to whoop some ass.

The next generation and their medals.

Holding down the advanced division.

Elite winner and the Jin Joint team.


Photos © 2010 Jeremy Condamine

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