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EVENTS: More from A Chosen-Few San Diego

Steve Bundy reps SD with this Topside Pornstar at Chicano Park.

We posted a bunch of lifestyle pics from the A Chosen-Few comp in San Diego hosted by Santee the other day, but here’s a batch of shots that LA’s Jeremy Condamine caught of the action. This batch features the elusive FINAL SPOT, and animated sequences of Russell Day and Dave Lang. — ONE

Dave Lang showed the ledge whose boss with this Darkside Fishbrain.

Lanky-ass Chris Calkins was ripping the spot.

Anthony Luna does Top Acid to bank on one of Santee Crew’s many additions to the Home Ave. ditches.

Check out Kato lacing Backside Royale right off the end to bank.

Host with the most Damien Wilson with one of the contest’s many specialty prizes.

Matt Mickey gets the crowd’s shit back together at the final spot.

Tyler Hester doing something badass that we missed.

Russell Day destroying this transfer with Topside Torque Soul to Disaster Sweatstance (slash Fish slash Ghost Top Soul) to Fakie.

Everyone said Tyler did something ridiculous, which is SO Tyler. This is that thing.

There must have been a pimp award because Anthony Williams seems happy.

Luna about to enjoy a nice fiesta.

Russell took home Second Place with his consistent and impressive blading.

Photos by Jeremy Condamine

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  • James Q - May 29th, 2011


  • Carlos Kessell - May 29th, 2011

    SD has the best schools, great comp, great after party thanks to Money Matt with the 5 acre dream pad. Top that with Kato and his paella from hell, that shit was incredible! Oh ya, Fester video was sick! woodster & wilson sections killed it!

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