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EVENTS: NYC Street Invitational Q & A

According to some back issues I just referenced on the shelf, in 2003 and 2004 I was at both IMYTA NYCs. I accept that they run together in my memory because they were a long time ago, shared spots, and in the brief but storied history of the IMYTA no other city had multiple events in such close succession. But the point of all this started with the notion that anyone in attendance at either one of the IMYTA contests held in the city can attest that the atmosphere was fucking electric. It was hot and the blading was upping the level of possibility with every step, and blading’s super star talents stepped up and delivered hard. Murda killing the launch to dumpster particularly sticks out as a triumphant moment for street blading. So with all that back story we get to this, the very cool fact that Billy O’Neill and his cohorts have come up with and will execute the first legal street rollerblading contest in NYC since 2004. In seven years a lot has changed, the mentality of the average blader has changed, but what it takes to make anything happen inside blading hasn’t. So we wanted to get more info about the event out into the public discourse, so here’s a brief Q & A we did with Fish to shed some light on the NYC Street Invitational. — ONE

What’s the story with the NYC Invitational; where did the idea come from? And why?

The Invite is a street obstacle competition in Brooklyn, NYC, and the idea mainly stemmed from Jon Julio’s IMYTAs. Since those comps had stopped, I felt like blading was missing something and I want to try to bring that same feeling back. I think this event is going to do that.

What is going to make your event different from other events, or past events?

It’s different than other street comps of the past because we’re bringing the obstacles to the location. While trying to organize this event in the beginning stages, I found out that it’s a huge pain to find a location that can facilitate 2,000+ skaters/viewers and have three rounds of spots that all have cool things to skate. After a short time of trying to figure that out, we came to the conclusion that it would be easier, cooler, and more unique to transport real street obstacles to one location. So there won’t be any walking from spot to spot or delays on the event waiting for the crowd to arrive, just some good blading on some cool things at the same spot.

Who are the people helping you get this pulled together?

Johnny Batista, Dawn Everett, Ray Mendez, Kyle Sola, Daniel Kinney, Dave Toro, Brian Lewis, Flipthescript, IrollNY, and all the sponsors for the event. Without each person’s contribution, this event wouldn’t be possible.

Tell us about the location you’re planning to hold the event — what all is involved in preparing the site?

It’s under a highway in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with very little to skate there now. So since we’re gonna bring everything to the location, preparation for the event includes lots of work, building obstacles, renting things, making phone calls, and lots and lots of work…. and more work.

Will this be a legal-with-permits comp or a rogue affair?

Legal with permits.

How does an event like this — an invitational — fit in with an organization like the WRS? What role will the WRS play?

I just want to make a cool event. We’re happy to have the support of the WRS if they’re down for what we’re doing.

How did you decide to do this in August, in New York? Shit’s mad hot, right?

I tried to organize the event around the pros I wanted to attend. Since most of them are busy guys, it’s hard to find a time when everyone’s available. Luckily, everyone was free for August, so that’s how it went… and it’s a little hot, yeah, so bring a pocket fan.

In your mind, how does the event go down? What is the ideal outcome of the day?

The ideal outcome for me is to just come through with an event that had the old IMYTA energy. Bladers are juiced to skate it and the people are juiced to watch it.

Are you looking past this event? Thinking of making it an annual thing?

There’s been some talk about next year, so I’d say that there might be another one in the future.

Well we hope it goes off and can’t wait to check it out. We’ll pack that fan.

Interview by Just Blade

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  • James Q - July 17th, 2011

    don’t know who’s gonna win

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