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EVENTS: Pics from Last Man Standing 2010

Champagne rain on the winner. / Photo by Amato

New York City’s Last Man Standing event continues to thrive, and 2010 looked like a banner year. With an ever-expanding cast of blade talent, this year including names like Brian Aragon, Julian Bah, Nick Wood, David Sizemore, and more. Thankfully Drew Amato, Sam DeAngelis and Paul Imerio all contributed pics for the following report, because it took three photographers to capture all the action. Check out the report by Sam. — ONE

The poster. / Photo by DeAngelis

Official LMS MC. / Photo by DeAngelis

Tim Franken / Front Farv to 360 Soul / Photo by DeAngelis

Jimmy Shuda / Fishbrain / Photo by DeAngelis

David Sizemore / Makio / Photo by Amato

Photo by DeAngelis

On Saturday morning, good friend and photographer Paul Imperio and I headed out to Manhattan for Last Man Standing 2010. On the way out we scooped up LMS’s top qualifier, Tim Franken, and made it to High Bridge Park with plenty of time to spare. As time passed, the crowd started flooding in. Hundreds of people, from skaters to spectators, traveled from all over the world to attend the WRS event. The first spot was a high up-ledge and it was packed to the brim with spectators and pedestrians. Paul and I set up our equipment wherever we could and camped out for and epic first round.

Nick Wood / Fishbrain / Photo by DeAngelis

Franco Cammayo / Wheel Barrow / Photo by DeAngelis

Dave Lang / Top Mistrial / Photo by DeAngelis

Rob Guerrero / Front Farv / Photo by DeAngelis

The second spot was a drop-handi rail, conveniently located within High Bridge Park. As the crowd slowly moved to the second spot, skaters had an abundance of time to warm up. The long handi could either be skated through the S-turns to the end, or you could cut off early to transition over the farside to the pavement below. Skaters were lacing as they threw trick after trick, followed by huge 360s and 540s to the ground below. The landing was a dust storm and needed to be maintained constantly to keep rollers safe from the rough NYC street conditions. All skaters approached this spot with the utmost creativity and open minds.

Brett Dasovic was there. / Photo by Amato

LMS godfather Victor Callendar. / Photo by DeAngelis

Brian Aragon / Switch Fish to Truespin Top Soul / Photo by Imperio

David Sizemore / 540 over the rail / Photo by Imerio

The third and final spot was an epic kinked rail located inches away from the previous spot. By this time the crowd had grown even stronger. Locals from the streets began to flood the park as they joined the hundreds of stunt hungry rollerbladers waiting eagerly for the finals to start.

David Sizemore / Photo by Amato.

Mark Wojda / Truespin Topside Soyale / Photo by Amato

Jeff Dalnas / Frontside Savannah / Photo by Imerio

AO Topsoul / Photo by Amato

Dre Powell / Truespin Mistrial / Photo by Imperio

During the final round a tragic moment occurred ss Jesus Medina, one of NYC’s finest bladers, got caught up as he finished the kinked rail and severely injured his elbow from the impact. Ambulances rushed to the scene to assess Jesus’ wounds and take him safely to the hospital. The enormous crowd roared and clapped for Medina’s courageousness as he was carried through the mass of spectators.

Jesus and his injury / Photo by Amato

Checking out the crowd. / Photo by DeAngelis

Mark Wojda / 360 Top Soul / Photo by Imerio

Out of control at LMS. / Photo by DeAngelis

Woodster / Photo by Amato

After careful consideration and persuasion from the roaring crowd, the Last Man Standing Competition officials gave the go-ahead to finish the remaining heats, despite the accident. The competitors in the final round skated whole-heartedly and put it all out on the line. Sizemore, Powell, Wojda, Nuniez, Knight, Bah, and Aragon all threw down for the finals.

Raosted and toasted on the rock / Photo by Amato

Brian Aragon / Fishbrain Gap Switch Truespin Top Soul / Photo by Imerio

Mark Wojda / Soyale / Photo by Imerio

Mark Wojda / Top Soul Gap Top Soul / Photo by Amato

As the last round came to a close there was a showdown of tricks between Brian Aragon and Mark Wojda. Back to back they laced trick after trick. In fact, the last round was so close that the competition was not to be decided by the judges, but from the crowd’s enthusiasm towards the skaters. As LMS officials waved hands over both heads, the audience went wild. It was almost impossible to determine which of the two skaters, Aragon or Wojda, was more deserving of the prize.

One more trick! One more trick! / Photo by DeAngelis

Wojda wins. / Photo by Amato

But as it turns out, on August 28, 2010, the audience chose Mark Wojda as champion of Last Man Standing 2010. — Sam DeAngelis

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  • nychomie - August 31st, 2010

    cant take the heat?

  • Dawn - September 1st, 2010

    sick contest, get well soon Jesus!

  • mr. big time industry leader - September 1st, 2010

    franco is doing a boardwalk not a wheelbarrow

  • adriana - September 1st, 2010

    sizemore and wodja were sickkkk!!!

  • Johnny O - September 1st, 2010

    great pics drew

  • Ben Rogers - September 1st, 2010

    Mr. big time industry leader is correct.

  • Eric Palmer - September 3rd, 2010

    Looks like a sick contest! Aragon’s so good he changed his switch mid comp haha

  • Russ - September 3rd, 2010

    so sick to see wodja take it

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