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James Short Memorial Session 2016

For seven years the family of James Short has honored their son’s memory and influence within blading by hosting the JSMS event in New Philadelphia, Ohio. A bright future cut tragically short by an impaired driver, James was an unforgettable personality and bright light of positivity that stood out amongst a field already lousy with loud characters. We had the privilege of knowing James for a long time, enjoying sessions at spots as diverse as Joe’s Skatepark in Uniontown, the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Monica skatepark, and of course at his one-time home-away-from-home, Vertigo Skatepark. And though these places and our friend are gone, shared experiences like the James Short Memorial Session exist to bring community together to keep memories alive. Please enjoy this look at the 2016 event with words by Rod Short, Alex Broskow and Ben Schwab, with photos by Sam DeAngelis. ROLL IN PEACE.

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“The JSMS is a one-of-a-kind event. People come from all over just for a skate session. Some who never even met James. They’re not there just for the contest or the chai cupcakes, they’re there for the overwhelming feeling of positivity that radiates off the skatepark of New Philadelphia in late August. Which is a true reflection of James and his parents, Rod and Reb. See you in New Philly.” – Alex Broskow

Chris & Stefan

“JSMS is one of the things I look forward to most each year. It’s become an opportunity to see old friends from Ohio and all around the Midwest/skate/play music, and it’s always an amazing time. It’s exactly what James would have wanted. Thanks so much to Rod and Reb (James’ parents) for making it happen.” – Ben Schwab

Grant / Fakie Toe Roll

The 7th annual James Short Memorial Session happened August 27th in New Philadelphia, Ohio. It was 95 degrees (felt like 97!) and we had a small rain storm pass through that cut our best trick comp short. All this, but everybody still had a great time!

Squat & Judge

Our guest judges this year were Chris Farmer, Alex Broskow, Ben Schwab, and Gary Murphy, along with this year’s comp emcee, Stefan Brandow.

The winners of this year’s comps were…

Grant wins best trick

Best Trick
1st –Grant Hazelton – New York
2nd – Luke Naylor – Detroit
3rd – Brent Scherer – Pa.

Shane / Switch Toe Roll

Toe Roll
1st – Shane Conn – Pa.
2nd – Grant Hazelton – New York
3rd – Tim Ryan Sloan – Cincinnati

Luke / Backslide Cess

Cess Slide
1st – Grant Hazelton – New York
2nd – Luke Naylor – Detroit
3rd – Aaron Orozco – New Philly

Hawke’s handful

There was live music all day, lots of food, vendors, even haircuts for donations. So, all in all, even though the weather was less than cooperative, JSMS 2016 was a blast! It’s become our annual end of summer family reunion! Ha ha!

Craig Parsons

It’s always great to see everybody get together, have fun, and remember James’ life of blading and music. As always, all proceeds from this event are donated to various charities and folks in real need, all in James’ name.

Miller & Scherer

We can’t wait till next year!!! (I’ll work on the weather!!) — Rod Short

Photos by Sam DeAngelis

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