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Music City Showdown 2015

Earlier in May the Music City Showdown rocked through Nashville and all the usual suspects were on had to get their piece. Hosts Julian Mire and Cameron Martin brought the motivation and energy for a solid blade day, while Stephen Harris was there to capture these pics and distill the whole event down into the following heady brew. Congrats to everyone that shredded and to all the supporters! Check it all out.

* * * *

It’s 6 a.m. and all throughout Tennessee, roosters are crowing, biscuits are being popped out of ovens, and groups of young men begin to roll out of slumbers that had started a few hours earlier that morning. Rather than getting up and putting on their Sunday suit and tie, they throw on a shirt, grab their backpacks, cameras and rollerblades, and are out the door in search for that something, quite like the churchgoer, something that makes the soul feel at peace.

Austin Loomis / 360

Chad Anthony / Toe Slide Up

The crowd

It’s a perfect morning in downtown Nashville when we arrive at Rocketown, the local park that seems to be the most appropriate hub for a Tennessee contest. Immediately you feel the presence of the entire South. Kentucky pulls up in the Southernscum van stocked with talented individuals as well as Georgia, Indiana, Alabama and Tennessee coming out in numbers from every nook and cranny. It felt like a huge session with friends that have known each other for decades was about to go down, which is exactly what it was to me.

Zach Leavell / Wallride

Jeremy Arnold

John Hiebert / Misfit

The first contest was the mini ramp competition which went off promptly and was owned by Indiana’s own Austin Loomis. Following shortly thereafter everything was taken directly to the street course for the main heats. The amount of camaraderie, dedication and consistency that was displayed throughout the brackets was unbelievable. They were eventually thinned out to the top tier gentleman from each heat. With everyone giving 100% of themselves in a final free-for-all, 1st place was taken by Jon Fromm for Atlanta. Following in 2nd place was Patrick Anderson, a young man that showed amazing consistency all day also holding it down for Atlanta. Finally 3rd was dominated by your favorite rollerblader’s favorite rollerblader, Taylor Popham, showing creative lines and unmatchable style. During heat after heat of guys pouring their hearts on the course I was able to snag a few photos of the homies doing what they do best.

Zach Leavell / Soul

Chad Anthony / Safety the box

Brad Anthony / Handslide

Once the winners were announced it was as if a siren had gone off down the road at a local Mexican restaurant. Rollerbladers literally engulfed the street, marching towards the most delicious of foods. Burritos and beer were consumed while watching the sunset from a porch in the heart of the city. Driving home, the only thing on my mind was how badly I wanted to edit what I had shot and be able to give something back to this community that has given me so much.

Zach Leavell and Julian Mire

Taylor Popham

Kofi, Chad and Hannah

My hat goes off to Julian Mire, Cameron Martin and Steve Larios of Asphalt Beach for coming through with such a handsome cash prize for the top competitors. So, here ya are fellas. You boys make me proud.

Welcome to the dirty dirty.

Photos and words by Stephen Harris

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  • Yorbo - May 28th, 2015

    Toe slide pic crispy

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