ONE Staff / November 13th, 2006 / Events
RFCC Awards After-party Pics!

Rumor has it a bunch of bladers were shreddin’ Woodward West at the time, but JE was hangin’ in the Rat Tail/ONE space at the Escondido Sports Complex during the innaugural SDSF Open.

Jeff Stockwell reminds us that he is number ONE!

A bunch of people chit-chatting while Jimmy Hake from Ohio makes time with a girl showing a whole lotta leg.

Jan (Yan for you mooks who always screw it up) Welch looking more like a ginger kid than ever.

Chris Farmer tried to swallow his own face and ended up almost looking like Adrian Brody.

Aragon likes the night life, baby.

From this angle Mike French has the bone structure of a creature from a Tim Burton movie.

You can cleary see that Kato is thinking “You gotta live that shit!”

Tyler Durden from FIGHT CLUB showed up but kept calling himself B-cam.

John Harris puts on his most innocent face.

Geoff owns a dancing and singing George Bush puppet. (We gave it to him.)

Aragon thought Dre’s sis’ was swell.

Don Bambrick said, “I wanna be in ONE.” We listened.

Rachard does his best Bill Cosby impression.

Dominic doing his best Depp.

Ski was wildin’ out.

JE’s head with immaculate layering.

Smoke and fire go together like Lennen and Bailey. Here’s the smoke…

Erik Bailey is fire.

Brent’s like, “But I wanna be fire!” And he is. Okay Brent, you can be fire too.

A darker, more serious, and probably more intoxicated Geoffrey.

Jenn and Pat sharing a laugh.

Does this beard go with my hat?

Reyna’s like, “Glasses battle in 3…. 2… 1!”

Who won? We couldn’t look.

Is this the smartest man in rollerblading?

An understated Negrete.

This guy looks like an asshole.

Rob G. tried to hypnotise us with his eyes, and it would’ve worked if it weren’t for our trusty beer goggles.

Discussion / RFCC Awards After-party Pics!

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  • jonny - November 14th, 2006

    sick pics

  • josip - November 15th, 2006

    I was actually thinking…I like what you guys are doing with the new magazine, but why such a bland and boring name?

  • shwing - November 15th, 2006

    ya’ll got cocaine eyes

  • BorisG - November 15th, 2006

    hey, who is that man standin with Jeff?

    is that Carl? :0

  • je - November 16th, 2006

    Yo BorisG, that is motherfucking JON ELLIOTT!

  • the geoffs - November 17th, 2006

    was this a rollerblading event? wait, a bunch of dudes and two girls, cool, just checking

  • Jesse Ridder - November 21st, 2006

    at least that’s two girls more than any other rollerblading event.

  • 1992 old skool - April 2nd, 2007

    I sure wish i hadnt WASTED my money on dick bread mag.It seems that ONE mag sucked up most of the staff of dbmag oh well lesson learned i know now that my money will go towards skating and not towards another scam mag with roots in “rollerblading”

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