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Aggressive Roller Championship in Chile

Back in 2007, ONE visited Santiago, Chile for a South American blade event, connecting with the Chilean bladers and seeing their passion for our sport. Fast forward to last week and the 1st Annual High Bridge 2018 Patin Aggressive Championship went down, representing a new chapter for Chile’s blade scene and a platform to bring bladers or all abilities and ages together to celebrate our community. Eduardo Soto reached out to make sure we know about the event and provide a brief write up, while Luciano Hidalgo provided the photos you’ll see below as we showcase a selection of moments captured during an exciting day for South American blading.

* * * *

First of all we want to thank each one of you for believing and trusting in our first Aggressive Roller Championship. We are happy to have provided participants and spectators an event to enjoy skating — without you this would not be possible!

We are excited to keep working to grow the event for the improvement of our community.

Snays / TTS

Kind Grind


Chilling at the park


Fabian Catalan

Throwin’ Horns


Ignacio / TTS

Josefina / Drop-in

Josefina / Soul

Back Unity



Top Acid

Fabian & Angela

Blade Fam

Felip Castro

Felipe Gallardo




Having fun

Lil Champ

All-Ages Champs

Bladies Champs

Group shot

Endless thanks to the sponsors: Aloha Mozzarella, Kaltik, OpenBox Roller Aggressive, Blackdog Boardshop, Cutting Workshop, and more!

[The END]

Photos by Luciano Hidalgo

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