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San Diego OG Blade Session Photos

Bryan Jaggers, Oscar Colmenero, Larry Fagan, Erin and Aldrin Miller

Just over two weeks ago something really cool happened — Beau Cottington invited a whole bunch of blade pioneers to get together for a session at the Ocean Beach skatepark here in San Diego. From local legends to far-flung cele-bladers like Dion Anthony and Blade Dennis, and even the LA contingency of Dave Paine, B Luv, Randy Spizer and more — if you were lucky enough to strap up at the session and add to the mix, you will probably never forget. For everyone else, here’s a grip of photos snapped by Steve Steinmetz and his assistant-for-the-day Shelby Whitcomb.

Aldrin and Erin Miller

Matt Andrews, Randy Spizer, Matt Moya, Arlo Eisenberg, Louie Zamora

Anthony Williams

Arlo Eisenberg / Soul Grind

Brandon “B Luv” Hardin

Chris Calkins and Drew Bachrach

DAP clan and Mike Scott

Dre Powell / 360 Top Soul

A gang of bladers.

Brian Zimmerman, Kevin Gillan, Dustin Latimer

Kevin Gillan / Topside Mistrial

Kato and Bryan Jaggers

Jon Julio / AO Topsoul

Jon Julio, Damien Wilson, Steve Steinmetz

Dustin Latimer / Gap

Louie Zamora and his Senate stickers.

Ho Ho Joe McGowan, Damien Wilson, Al Dixon

Silky. Black. Gold.

Matt Mickey and Nick Wood

Mike Johnson

Phil Long, Jason, Anthony Williams, Demetrios George

Russell Day / Truespin Top Acid

Al Dixon, Juan Mosqueda, Robbie Whitcomb

Drew Bachrach / Stale Air

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