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Those Left Premiere

On Saturday night, San Diego bladers congregated at SDSF Ocean Beach to check out the premiere of Max Manning’s Those Left. Long story short: Max has been filming for a bunch of projects, and, yup, this is everything that didn’t get eaten up by the bigger fish. Featuring main profiles with Alex Wick, Russell Day, Chris Couture, Drew Powell, Ryan Parker and more, the video is fast and furious. You’ll see more of the flick later, but here’s a look at the faces that came out to enjoy the night.

Alejoh Candelo came down with the SC dudes.

Alex Wick was one of the featured bladers in the flick.

Andrew DiPaolo has been wrecking shop lately.

Chris Couture hanging out pre-party before the premiere.

Colin McLeod came down with Alejoh and…

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