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Winterclash 2019 Part 1: The Pros

This time last week, skaters from across the globe were descending on Eindhoven in The Netherlands for what would be the 15th showing of Winterclash. As reported by event founder and lead organizer Jojo Jacobi, bladers from 50 countries registered to skate in the contest, making this landmark 15th year the most widely attended Winterclash ever. Ask anyone who was there and they will tell you — this year was electric! Of course Joe Atkinson dominated the field with a historic performance, but throughout the professional field numerous tricks launched the crowd into a frenzy, and as the edits and photos continue to trickle out, each will be reviewed and rewatched time and time again. But in the meantime, we’ve got the Pro Contest photo goods right here. ONE contributors Dean Bradley and Steve Steinmetz battled the crowds for angles to bring you this look at the stand-out tricks from the Pro Event.

Check back soon for the rest of our coverage as we roll it out!

* * * *

Bobi / Double Grab 540

Dominic / Wally

Soichiro / Switchup

Joe / Flatspin Transfer

Cudot / 360 Topsoul Stall

Danning / 540 Transfer

Eugen / No-Footer

Tomek / Rail Transfer

Hornish / Top Mistrial

Joe / Frontside Line

Danning / Roll to Air

Dominik / BS Roy Transfer

Tomek / 540

Joe / Backslide to Stall

Dominic / Gap to Wally

Yuto / DS AO Topsoul to Wally

Joe / Backslide to Stall 270

Pro Top 3

Best Trick Award

Victory Drop In

People’s Champ

Congrats to the pro riders:

1. Joe Atkinson
2. Dominic Bruce
3. Maxime Genoud

[The END]

We have so much more to show… so check back soon to see the rest!

Photos by Steven Steinmetz and Dean Bradley

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  • eddie cruz - February 25th, 2019

    On my bucket list

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