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Winterclash 2019 Part 4: The Juniors

One of our favorite events to watch at Winterclash is the Junior event. These heats are packed with young, energetic bladers eager to make their mark on our sport. We celebrate their efforts and achievements! I think the whole crowd knew these rippers meant business when Felix Falling boosted up to the high hand rail for a soul stall that almost brought down the house. It was huge! And a reminder that these bladers may be smaller but they are mighty — this was the same obstacle that Antony Pottier won by stalling two years ago! With that in mind, check out these photos, mostly from Dean Bradley but with a few from Steve Steinmetz as well. Kids are the future — and it looks like we’re in good hands.

* * * *

Danilo / True Miz

Bobbie Jaie / Roll

Poema Kitseroo / Top Acid

Felix / Soul Stall

Liam Gratwohl / Stale Transfer

Nolan / Royale

Bernard Gregors / Vertical Soul

Lauric Picard / Royale

Celia Marie / Soul

Junior Top 3

Congrats to the junior riders:

1. Felix Fälling
2. Danilo Senna
3. Lauric Picard

[The END]

Photos by Dean Bradley and Steve Steinmetz

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