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Winterclash 2019 Part 5: Hanglosers Bowl Comp

What’s the best event you ever watched? How about the most fun? If you’ve never been to Winterclash and witnessed the Thursday night Hanglosers Bowl Comp, you’re missing out. Judged by the referee-shirt adorned Hanglosers crew, and directed by master MC Miguel Martinez, the judges tell the riders what tricks are allowed using large signs they hold up during skater’s runs. No grinds! Old school! Top side only! These are all instructions that will be thrown out to the riders as they battle for the main prize: enough tokens to buy 100 beers! Besides our streaming feed, this year we had Steve Steinmetz and Dean Bradley wandering the deck capturing some action as Sam Crofts skated his way to first place. You can see their photos here!

* * * *

Dominik / Safety Transfer

Remy / Liu Kang Air

Joe Harvey / Handplant

Double Up

Atkinson / Invert

Hornish / Parallel 360

Sam Croft / Fish

Sam Croft / 100 Beers Champ

Congrats to all the riders, but especially Sam Crofts who won the 100 Beers!

[The END]

Photos by Steve Steinmetz with Dean Bradley

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