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GEAR: Holiday Gear Guide 2010

We tweeted: “Are you a big blade-gear dork? Know everything about all the new ish? Maybe you’re the right candidate to do something for us…” and @bl8ordieblog answered our call. We had him tell us what he and other discerning blade-o-philes should be putting on their wish lists this holiday season, and now you can tell us what you think of his assessment. These deals better than a lump of coal? — ONE


Xsjado—With past color schemes leaning a little too much to the loud side, the new Chris Farmer pro model keeps it subtle with the gray and black colorway. True pro setup with Create Orginal frames and 4×4 wheels. Dr. Bones has got you covered.

Nimh—The only boot company that is truly blader-owned and run. If that isn’t reason enough to get you some this holiday season then just look at these white jams. With Shima now flying solo, he can use your support more than ever.

Valo—In conjunction with, Valo has produced a sweet version of Erik Bailey’s boot with a Vans sneaker design. The denim skin is awesome and will only get sweeter with wear.


Create Originals—New colorways for the holidays. All you’ve go to do now: express yoself.

Kaltik—The newest frame company to emerge on the rollerblading market comes with an all new concept that others have attempted before: allowing you to roll flat yet have ample grind space.


Eulogy—This is the only wheel brand I would recommend with complete confidence. No one in the blade game makes them better. Nevermind that they are owned by a skateboarding company. Isaac handles the blade side of it very well.


Gost—The Happy Black Jesus of rollerblading graces us with another solid line. Bringing back classic designs such as “More War” and even the infamous “Super S” logo.

Inri—Hardly any clothing companies released proper lines for holiday 2010 but Inri came through. Sean Sea produced another batch of post-apocalyptic, pseudo-religious tie-dye tees and some jeans. Buy some tee-shirts and keep Furby fed.

Ucon—Always a little pricier. Always awesome.


“Valo4life”—Jon Julio hands the chop-work over to Ivan Narez in the 4th installment in the Valo series. Head handled number 2 and 3 then decided to let the creator of “Shred Till You’re Dead” take the controls. The quality is amazing, your favorite rollerbladers go hard, and the music is generally great, keeping a good vibe going.

“Game Theory”—Helton “Brazillionaire” Sequira shot and chopped the newest presentation of the Razors team since “Icons.” “Game Theory” features Brian Aragon, Dre Powell, Horn, Mattias Silhan, Mike Johnson, Julian Bah, and NOT Don Bambrick. Haven’t seen it yet but I heard it’s stellar.

ONE Wes Driver Lithographs—Can’t really go wrong here. Awesome blade pics on heavy art-stock that are ready to frame. Class up your blade game.

Post Christmas Deals:

Straight Jacket video and Vibralux jeans. Shit will be hot.

“Dayshapes” by Erik Bill

Opinions and text courtesy of Brad McBride

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