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LOOKBACK #14: What happened to Jay Dick?


What have you been up to since back in the day, where are you at these days?
I would call myself an Artist now… musical… visual… A.J. and Tim taught me how to DJ. (A.J. would have parties or get-togethers and let me play records even though I had no idea what I was doing for a long time.) He taught me how to spin records and stuff. This is something that I still do in different forms today; I mix music to listen to and share. I give it away digitally (the internet can be a great tool) when I have time to finish projects I’ve started.

For the past few years I’ve gotten into painting on canvas, mostly minimal, abstract styles. For some reason I really like to use raw canvas and water down my paints. Think of art like Morris Louis maybe… or John M. White. It’s a trip really, because I never was interested in anything but skating and hip hop before this. Not to say writing/graffiti is not art because I know it is, but I fell headfirst into contemporary art. I had this internship that developed into a job at a high-end gallery, the Sylvia White Gallery, where we would show amazing work consistently. I spent a lot of time around John M. White — an amazing person and artist — indescribable really. There is so much I learned from both he and Sylvia and I am forever grateful. Being around artists and the art while majoring in Studio Art at the same time completely put my perspective of it all upside down, in a good way.

I met people during my years at Cal State University Channel Islands that I will take with me and be friends with for the rest of my life; absolutely priceless. Raul, Korina, Mary, Ashleigh. Somehow the art I was creating and observing, and the people I was around, fueled this gratitude I already had for expression and life, and I was able to find comfort and focus in actually creating art on a canvas instead of just music. I still work for the gallery remotely, although I moved to Arizona a couple of months back with my girlfriend of 6 years. She is pretty amazing. People say their girlfriend is amazing etc., but I don’t think I could put into words how much love and respect I have for her. So for now it’s Amanda, friends, family, my job, art, mixing music, working out (nothing crazy). I aim to be healthy and to be able to have the strength to skate for a long time to come, sooner rather than later. Since moving out here I caught up a bit with JB Snyder. Some of you might remember him, he skated for a long time. This man is a great artist, check out his stuff if you get a chance. He lives here in Phoenix and is neck high in the art scene around the area. He took Amanda and I out on one of the First Fridays (art walk type deal). Phoenix has a genuine scene down here and JB is in the thick of it.

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Discussion / LOOKBACK #14: What happened to Jay Dick?

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  • beaucottington - February 24th, 2012

    awesome stuff guys!!

  • Andrew Smolak - February 24th, 2012

    This is awesome!

  • B3000 aka Bistro Baughn - February 24th, 2012

    thank you one

  • Trey Sowers - February 26th, 2012

    Thanks for this, I hope there is more to come in the future.

  • tjloughry - February 26th, 2012

    my friends and i would watch “quest for the holy rail” everyday after high school and basically memorized it like a sublime album. it was the only video i had for a long while but we all loved the part where jay dick seemingly broke the escalator.

    great article.

  • Carlos Kessell - February 26th, 2012

    Jay, glad to have been your friend & teammate during those Hardline years, we had so many good times, I can barely recollect all the mischief we got into. Miss ya bro…lookout Jay is Back!!! just stay away from kink rails, I almost saw you die at least 20 times, no lie.

  • Scott Wilcoxson - March 10th, 2012

    Glad your getting back on the skates Jay! I come from those days as well and appreciate your perspective on rolling and taking care of your body. Excellent interview.

  • ian from tampa - May 24th, 2012

    This is the best skate-related online article I’ve ever read.

    Jay, you’re a legend. Thanks for doing this interview. You and Ernie Villarino are my top two ‘what ever happened to’ skaters.

  • Bryan Parsons - September 10th, 2012

    These articles are terrific. So nostalgic. Rollerblading was my entire life during the mid and late 90’s. I don’t follow very closely anymore though I will watch videos from time to time so I know next to nothing about the new crowd. I moved from south-western Ontario to a small town in the Rocky mountains of Alberta and kinda lost interest with no spots to skate and no friends to share them with. I actually don’t even think I’ve seen a rollerblader in 7 or 8 years which is sad but I’m glad to see the sport is still alive elsewhere even if it’s not so much up here.

  • David - October 25th, 2012

    G step aj jay Rick stark Miss all you guys p

  • Rob from Cali - September 26th, 2013

    Nobody could do a unity squat down a kink rail like this man. He inspired me during my youth. My friends still mess with me because I swore he was the greatest ever. We are ready for the HOAX reunion video!

  • Marty - January 27th, 2015

    Please bring back the “Lookback” feature!!

  • Kenji yokota - August 30th, 2016


  • Mvg - August 15th, 2019

    Oh man quest for the holy rail… hahah still the Video i have watched the most… „…our quest is at an end…“ hahah good memories

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