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Issue #13 (V4N1)

ONE #14 is in stores and on newsstands now, so it’s time to share the #13 Skater of the Year issue online! Catch up on Alex Broskow’s feature interview, see Dom Bambrick shred, learn about Keith and Adam Brierly in their special 4-page Am Hour, read about what Randy “Roadhouse” Spizer is doing these days, and enjoy the biggest photo gallery we’ve ever run. Packing a ton of great content, this ONE speaks volumes. — ONE

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Discussion / Issue #13 (V4N1)

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  • Eddie Campos - July 24th, 2009

    Thank you one for including the pdf of this issue. On a side note tho, I wanted to reissue a little debate going on in the comments section of your website.

    Jaren Grob is disliked among some of the down on their luck OLD SCHOOL bladers who being in the same boat as Jaren, seem to be able to classify him as an outsider.

    First of all Ive skated with Jaren “the Monster” Grob and I have to say his blade skills are top notch. Huge disasters and grinds to gapouts(even if he places a board at the landing its still counts and is seen as dope in my eyes) Considering his XGAMES wins(oh yeah, hate to burst your bubble but the XGAMES remains an ongoing event year in and year out and Rollerblading is still involved with the XGAMES Asia,) you should all respect the legend.*** A bit off topic but nonetheless very important for the masses to read.

  • Aston Martin Dhoop - July 24th, 2009

    I agree with you Eddie, Jaren wherever you are keep up the good work. Oh yeah, the haters will hate, because they have never placed first in any competion so they sit there and think of reasons they hate their lives. Keep Repping Ja.

  • I Still Skate For R&R - July 24th, 2009

    Marc Rankin once told me that good things come to those who wait. The way I see it, Jaren Grob is a good thing for our sport right now. We need a resurgence of old school heads into the industry so we can get a better grip on our past. In order to succeed in the balde game ONE needs to get more involved with the history of our phenomenal artform. Keep up the good work and please try to get Jaren to start some kind of competition in his neighborhood or we need some shots of the Monster so we can form a better opinion of his skating.(if he still skates)

  • Peter - July 24th, 2009

    Im still convinced that in order to make a difference in the industry nowadays, we need to make a difference on the web and start convincing folk that Jaren Grob and skaters from his era ARE VERY IMPORTANT factors in our overall number game. Think about it. With all those years under their belts their blade skills should be so sharp that it would only make sense to give these guys a little more attention.

    Maybe even give them a phone call and ask them to go out skating to see what is really in store. With OLD SCHOOL cats roaming the streets and skateparks, I know that people will catch on.

  • brad - August 5th, 2009

    Hi All you skaters that would like to know if Jaren is still skating he has never stoped.

    He is doing more shows then competitions. Look at youtube the allwheelshow in Sandusky Ohio. Where he is at this time.

    He travels and does show all over. He would like to teach the youth in skating and put togeater a competition for those that are skating. And comp. some himself.

    It seems that some are putting words in Jaren mouth. Talk to him on phone or e-mail him his address is He will tell you what he thinks of skating.

    One big problem Rollerblading (In-Line Skating) Has is moving on because they can even stop fighting amomg themselvies-Look at other

    action sports and the people that have in it. Why does it matter how long you been in your sport you still can give someting back. What about other sports?

    You all are in the same boat as skaters. And when you rock the boat in your sports you all sink. Not to think of thinks that will make it better but to bring people and your sport down. So enjoy skating for it will be over for you someday.

    Thanks Keep Skating

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