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Issue #16 (V5N1)

We just posted ONE Issue #16 on (and anchored the PDF for download). That means there’s no excuse for not checking out the epic interview with Billy O’Neill, or the 15 Minutes with B Hardin, or the Hoedown and 2009 WRS Finals coverage. But if you’re a noob to Issuu, or looking for an alternative to sitting at a computer, then let us also tell you about the incredible experience this format can provide on your mobile device. How’s about e-reader text fluidity, or integrated sharing via Twitter and FB. Don’t speak English? No sweat. Issuu for Android (coming soon for iPhone) offers instant translation to every language in the Google database. Did we mention you can digitally subscribe and get notified of updates or new uploads? Yeah, it’s pretty nuts, and just another way that ONE is working to make our take on blading the most accessible around. So, what are you waiting for… get to checking it out. — ONE

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Discussion / Issue #16 (V5N1)

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  • Dan Bond - October 21st, 2010

    On page 51 in the WRS Finals article there was a photo of 2 girls with the caption saying “Bitches”. While I am sure the magazine has no intention of perpetuating any kind of all-male mentality of blading (and I appreciate that you have covered girls a number of times) this kind of captioning seems pretty alienating of any girls reading the magazine and it’s something I hate to see in a magazine like this. While some girls you know might be cool with stuff like that, many won’t be and it doesn’t come across as welcoming.

    Just thought I’d say something.

    Anyway, other than that, it’s a killer issue. I have most of the previous ones at home and the quality is awesome.

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