Corey Oringderff / December 3rd, 2019 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Corey Oringderff #10

As all of us Macon guys are getting older, branching out into our careers and subsequently spending less time skating, it’s always great getting to meet up and snag new photos or even just chill. We all have new hobbies that bring us together, but there’s nothing like a good skate session to bring back the old times.

Ehalt / Philips 66

For this session Adam Ehalt came back to visit for Thanksgiving, so Phillip Deal and I met up with Adam, Seth Lloyd and Kyle Sneed after an early morning round of golf. As per usual I pulled out my camera and talked them into doing some maneuvers for me.

Lloyd / Soul Grind

One thing that makes taking photos difficult and often times disappointing is that when you miss the shot, you screwed up. Conversely if you don’t land the trick for the picture, it doesn’t count. This happened a few times during this session, but luckily these dudes are troopers and willing to re-do the trick for the picture.

Lloyd / TTP

After reasoning with the guys about having to re-do something to make the picture count, Ehalt went on to tell a story about this time I went to visit him in Athens. Some of the pictures were used for one of the print issues of ONE, but the image he was referring to was a back unity on the out and down UGA Library ledges. I had snapped a perfect photo of his back unity on the ledge, but he couldn’t do the entire thing for the photo. Even though he had previously done the trick and landed it, he couldn’t make it happen on this trip, so the photo didn’t count and was never used. Maybe that’s trivial, but for this Thanksgiving session I was thankful that my friends did all of their tricks right and that we were able to meet up for another good day of rollerblading. — Corey Oringderff

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Corey Oringderff #10

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