Arpad Zentai / December 31st, 2014 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Arpad Zentai #4

A couple of days ago my phone rang. Tasi was on the other side of the line, recently recovered from a serious knee and shoulder injury. We agreed to head out for a little photo session in Budapest. I took this shot on the second day. The spot was recently built, and the area is pretty well guarded. I didn’t see much of a chance that we’d be there for five minutes, as the last time my friends were kicked out.

Bela got in a few tries on some variations but couldn’t land the trick he wanted, even with the support of his new homeless friend, who was super nice and offered me and my girlfriend (who happened to be my flash tripod) some chewing gum.

After another half an hour and some more tries he finally landed a stylish topsoul on this stunning spot.

Bela wanted to go for the ao topsoul as well, but then we got kicked out by the local metro security guard.

We will be back.

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