Ashley Prigmore / December 20th, 2013 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Ashley Prigmore #6

With the British winter upon us, finding a day to skate that’s not freezing cold or soaking wet becomes pretty much impossible, and this day was no exception. Optimism was high as we left our hometown of Bedford for what was expected to be a dry day with no rain. We should have known that the weather predictions were going to be wrong and in fact be the complete opposite of what was expected.

With a list of new spots we wanted to check out pretty much abandoned due to the rain, we decided to head to a nearby school which is still skateable when it’s wet. This school has an endlessly long concrete ledge just above knee-high, a ton of marble benches that are still fresh, plus various concrete ledges and a few rails scattered about, which makes it the closest thing I can imagine to what it’s like skating in Cali… except with worse weather.

Chris Davies, or “Titch” as he’s known by us, quickly got his skates on and laced a selection of tricks. My favorite of which was this AO topsoul which he always makes look easy with effortless steeze, even with a soaking wet ground to roll on. I couldn’t resist grabbing a photo of it.

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Ashley Prigmore #6

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