Bruce Bales / February 9th, 2012 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Bruce Bales #5


This basketball court has been the unofficial warm up spot for Pittsburgh rollerbladers. Aside from this fence rail, there are two plastic benches and incredibly smooth ground. For some reason, most people really like this spot. On this particular day, Cody and I were out filming for Yinzer Blading: Volume 1, but we took some time out to snap a few photographs. Cody was messing around on this fence rail when I suggested a fishbrain to him. He laced it first try, and I looked at my viewfinder. While the image isn’t as strong as I would like, I was satisfied with how it turned out given the natural light I was working with. I also snapped a quick photo of Cody skating away from the obstacle which I really liked. The action photo was shot at 1/500th on a Canon 7D at f5.0, ISO 160, in natural light. — Bruce Bales


Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Bruce Bales #5

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