ONE Staff / December 27th, 2010 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Christofer Luca #2

Safety 180

This photo was taken during the summer just after releasing the new Hedonskate softgoods line. We wanted to take some pics of the new collection for a lookbook that I was working on. There wasn’t any plan for skating pics, but while we were waiting for the rest of the crew near some department store, Basza got bored, grabbed his skates, and went to look around. After about 15 minutes he came back saying that there was a huge dumpster that he wanted to gap from. I took out my camera and started to prepare lights, but Basza was struggling with his trick — it was quite hard to get enough speed from a such short run-up to land the gap, and the brick landing didn’t help either. Yet, two attempts later, the 180 Safety was landed! Eventually, the guys who we had been waiting for arrived so we left the spot, feeling really good that we gave it a shot instead of wasting time in a parking lot doing nothing. Quick, unscheduled sessions are the best!

Acid Soul

This second one I shot after our dumpster gap session when I was dropping Sushi off athome. I saw this trash container with perfect “magic hour” light on it so I couldn’t resist reaching for my camera one again. Sushi tried two times and I got two shots. Really good day! — Christofer Luca

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Christofer Luca #2

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  • bradley moore - December 1st, 2014

    sick photos man! I need to get skating again 😉 learnt backflips and 720 over a spine then stopped because of winter. what would I need to do to get noticed? thanks brad.

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