ONE Staff / December 27th, 2009 / Photo Journal
PHOTO JOURNAL: Corey Oringderff #2

Adam Ehalt * Soul Grind

Adam Ehalt from Atlanta gets to come visit his family and friends in Macon whenever he’s out of school. Pending my work schedule, I try to come up with time to go out and take some pictures of him while he is here. We went to this spot, originally to skate some curved handicap rails, and Adam ended up doing a line across the bridge behind the rails pictured. He started with a hop onto a line of bricks, did a backside across a little rail, then jumped a stairset over the top rail onto the middle flat of the steps, then one big hop later jumped into a soul on this tall kink rail. For light on Adam, I decided to put one flash to camera right to light the stairs, and the key light for the subject. To light the top of the rail and add some rim light to Adam, I put one above the stairs at camera left, just out of the frame. — Corey Oringderff

Discussion / PHOTO JOURNAL: Corey Oringderff #2

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  • horny goat weed - December 28th, 2009

    That rail is nice, thin and square but mellow so it looks hot no matter what your lacing down it, would love to give that a royale.

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